Associate Degree Nursing Department
RRC Level 4

Graduation Information

RNSG 2432--Enhanced Concepts of Adult Health



  • Syllabus will be online on blackboard
  • Textbook: Lewis, Medical-Surgical Nursing-9th edition (2014)


  • Date: Tuesday,August 29th, 2016
  • Time and Place: Round Rock Campus from 9:45-2:00
    • Orientation from 9:15-10:30 in room 3338 (mandatory attendance to orientation)
    • Lecture from 10:30-2:00 in room 3338 over Module 1 and lab 1 chest tubes
  • What to bring: current calendar, clearance tickets and notes/handouts for RNSG 2432 module 1

Dosage Calculation Exam

  • You will be required to take a dosage calculation during the first week of the semester. So review your dosage calculation! You may find this calculation website helpful as a review! It is a hand written test. Be sure to practice!!
  • Date: Monday, August 29th, 2016
  • Time and Place: 8:30-9:30 (directly before orientation in RRC computer lab)
  • What to bring: calculator (you may NOT use your phone as a calculator-there is a calculator on the computer)

Calendar: Fall 2016 - Tentative until further notice


  • When: Mondays & Tuesdays (see calendar for exact times and room numbers)
  • Where: Round Rock Campus 3338 on Mondays and 3336 on Tuesdays unless otherwise noted


  • When: see calendar for dates
  • Check Announcements and Blackboard for lab groups and expectations
  • What to Bring: lab pack, drug books, class notes and syllabus

Mastery Skills Check Off:

  • PLEASE NOTE: Although we know that there have been changes made to the current skills lists that are posted, please note that you will NOT be accountable for any skills/changes to the skills that you have not been formally taught by an instructor.

  • We will address the changes during orientation. However, you will not be responsible for knowing the skills based on those changes. Continue to practice your skills based on the way that you were taught.

  • Come prepared and having practiced!!!
  • When: Wednesday, Wednesday, January 20th, 8:00-1:30 p.m.
  • There will be a comprehensive mastery skills check-off over previously learned skills including:
    • Injections (IM, sub-q, intradermal);
    • Catheterization (Foley);
    • IV's (IV push, hanging a piggy-back through a central line, saline lock or running IV, starting an IV, calculation of drop rate) and setting ml's per hour;
    • Trach care and suctioning;
    • Central Line dressing changes,
    • Inserting Dobhoff tubes and NG tubes.
    • Identifying IM sites
    • Administering insulins
  • Documentation will be required.
  • You will be given a patient situation and have to complete several skills satisfactorily.
  • There will be open lab the week before the semester begins but not the first 2 weeks of classes (see lab schedule on ADN resources page)
  • Please go to
    • Responsible for ALL skills, along with the Safety Preparation Measures for Skill Performances
  • You must pass this satisfactorily to continue in the course. See ADN student handbook for guidelines.
  • You must also complete the skills written quiz and submit it to your clinical instructor at the time of check off. Skills Written Quiz.


RNSG 2362 Clinical

This clinical component enables the student to apply the theories, concepts and knowledge as presented in RNSG 2432 to the practice setting, includes management components.

Clinical Focus and Evaluation Tool - will be online on blackboard.

Final groups will not be determined until the week prior to the start of class. Groups will be posted on Blackboard. At that time you may contact classmates to arrange a trade. TRADES MUST BE AGREED UPON & COMPLETED BEFORE THE START OF THE FIRST LECTURE. Please contact your instructor ASAP if you plan to trade.

  • Nancy Jenkins - Seton Main Wednesday day / Thursday eve (some 12 hours)
  • Kelle Howard -- St. David's Medical Center Thursdays 13 hrs/some Fridays 8 hrs
  • Renee Redman--South Austin HOspital Wednesday 12 hours
  • Becca Roland-UMCB Saturdays 12 hours
  • Rachael Bennett-NAMC - Wednesdays 12 hours

Clinical Schedule:

  • See clinical times on the RNSG 2432 -- TBA
  • Each clinical instructor will give you a clinical schedule the first week of clinical. All groups will complete 192 hours.

Requirements: See clinical focus

A clinical case study presentation will be required - this will be discussed further by your clinical instructor.

RNCEU's - due on clinical orientation day.

  • Go to
  • Complete the following (see Blackboard announcements for further instructions)
    • Understanding Liver Function Tests
    • Understanding the CBC
    • Understanding Renal Function Tests
    • Understanding Coagulation Tests
  • Complete all 4 CEU's, print the post test and complete the post test, turn in to your clinical instructor at clinical orientation. (email Kelle Howard or Nancy Jenkins with any questions or concerns)
  • THIS IS MANDATORY: you will receive credit for 2 clinical hours for completing these CEU's
  • PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to pay for these. Just review the course and take the test and print. There is no charge unless you mail them in to receive CE credit (which we are not doing).