American Speechsounds Software
American Speechsounds Software for Healthcare Professionals

The ideal way to learn a new language is the way most of us learn our first language – by hearing the sounds and rhythm patterns and learning to speak before we learn to read or write.

If you are a multi-lingual student at Austin Community College, you may have learned to read English before you learned to speak it. You may have learned to pronounce words as they were spelled rather than as they sound. In English, there are many ways to spell each sound.

There is no single “right” way to speak American English. By listening carefully, you will notice much diversity in speech sounds. However, when a word or expression is mispronounced, misunderstandings can occur. This is especially critical in the field of healthcare and medicine. The American Speechsounds software will help to train speakers to become more understandable and confident.

To learn the pronunciation of healthcare and medical terms and expressions, it is important that you first recognize the correct pronunciation. You may wish to practice with your eyes closed as you concentrate on listening.

Accessing the Software

You may access the American Speechsounds Software in the Health Science Computer Lab at the Eastview Campus - EVC Room 9209 - The Health Science Computer Lab is used for Medical Coding and other health science classes. The lab also has open hours for general use by ACC students. Please check the hours of operation on the attached schedules since hours change each semester. You may check out headphones and microphones from the Computer Lab Manager in Room 9205.

Note: Open lab times are any times where a class or event is not already scheduled.

American Speechsounds is also now available at the Round Rock campus. Use the computer lab in room 3334.01. Open lab times are from 7:30am - 3:00pm, Monday - Thursday.