Health Sciences Division

Health Science Scholarships:

Additional scholarship information is available in the Financial Aid Office on any ACC campus.

  • ACC Foundation Scholarship Programs
    • Assistance League Scholarship
    • Assistance League - Emerson Process Management Scholarhip
    • Assistance League - Sooch Foundation Scholarship
    • Assistance League - Topfer Scholarship
    • Assistance League - $500 Summer Scholarship
    • Eric Hanson Endowed Scholarship
    • Health Science Scholarship in honor of Eileen Klein
    • Hindu Charities for America Scholarship
    • Maxine Black Endowed Scholarship
    • Robyn Richter Endowed Scholarship
    • St. David's Neil Kocurek Endowed Scholarship
    • South Austin Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship
    • Many Others.....
  • Financial Aid Office: Scholarship & Americorps Information