Nursing Department
Nursing Skills/Simulation Lab

Austin Community College offers a Vocational Nursing Program (VNG) and an Associate Degree Nursing Program (A.D.N.). There are nursing skills laboratories located at three campus locations to meet community needs. The main location is in Austin at the Eastview campus and is utilized by both nursing programs. The Round Rock campus is utilized by the Associate Degree Nursing Program (A.D.N.). The Cypress Creek campus is a ten bed facility that is utilized by the ADN program. A variety of educational methodologies and tools are utilized to accommodate student diversity among these programs. In addition to the traditional educational methods of lecture, skills practice and clinical rotations, these programs use many alternatives as well. These include online classrooms and tutorials; computer assisted learning modules and testing, as well as patient simulation training. These educational methodologies are utilized throughout both nursing programs among all four campus locations.

The Eastview campus location contains four ten bed labs and two smaller two bed labs. One of the smaller two bed labs is equipped with video and audio surveillance capability. These labs contain forty-four simulated hospital rooms and all necessary equipment to simulate patient care. These labs are also equipped with thirty-six manikins with varying levels of technology. Some of these patient simulators mimic human physiology to provide an interactive learning tool that better prepares nursing students for successful function in the clinical setting. This also provides an opportunity for nursing students to improve their critical thinking skills in combination with psychomotor skills, and build self confidence in a safe environment. The Round Rock campus has 4 lab rooms that each contain 10 simulated hospital beds. Each lab room has functioning equipment that is used by the nursing students to simulate patient care. There are also four Simulation lab rooms, which are also equipped with audio and surveillance equipment. All campus locations contain a variety of patient simulators and necessary patient care equipment. In addition, there are scheduled times in the curriculum when students Cypress Creek travel to the Eastview campus for participation in major simulation activities.