Nursing Department
Skills Lab Dress Code

The following are requirementss for student dress in the Associate Degree Nursing and Vocational Nursing programs:

* All CEC students must wear ACC Scrubs at all times when in the CEC nursing skills labs.

Regular Scheduled Labs & Simulation Labs

Students must wear scrubs (does not have to be ACC teal scrubs) and closed toe shoes. Tee shirt under scrubs is permitted if needed to ensure body parts are not exposed.

Mastery Check-Off

Students must wear scrubs (does not have to be ACC teal scrubs) and closed-toe shoes for all check-offs and rechecks.

Open Lab Practice

Students do not have to wear scrubs, but must wear closed-toe shoes. No short shorts, revealing tops, halter tops, tank tops or exposed midriffs.


*NOTE: The following applies to students anytime they are in the Nursing Skills Lab. Hair will not fall in frong of the shoulders and must be secured from falling across the face. No body piercings will be visible.

Clinical Dress Code

All students will wear the ADN or VNG Program designated uniform (specified teal scrubs) and school patch and ACC Photo ID Badges in all clinical settings unless otherwise specifed by the clinical instructor. The scrubs must be neat, clean and pressed in order to project a professional image.



  • Knee high stockings or white socks may be worn with the uniform. No decorative socks.
  • Solid white or teal tee shirts may be worn under the uniform.
  • White lab coats or designated solid teal scrub jackets may also be worn.
  • Shoes must be white and clean without large logo's or colors.
  • Photo ID badges are required in all clinical settings at all times.
  • Waist packs must be conservative, logo free, white or a solid dark color, clean and neat in appearance.

Hygiene and body grooming:

  • All students are representatives of ACC and the ADN Program at all times. Each student should be mindful of his/her appearance, especially when in clinical or other times as an ACC representative.
  • Uniforms and lab coats will be freshly laundered, neat, and fit properly.
  • Shoes and socks/hose will be clean and neat.
  • Excessive make-up or strong smelling perfumes/colognes will not be permitted.
  • Extreme shades of lipstick and nail polish such as bright colors, purple, gold, blue, white or combination colors/designs will not be worn.
  • To the extent possible, body tattoos will be covered at all times in the clinical setting.
  • Hair will be neat, clean, and freshly combed in a conservative style. No fad designs or colors will be accepted. Hair will not fall in front of the shoulders while in the clinical setting or lab. Hair must be secured from falling across face when in clinical and lab.
  • Mustaches, beards, and/or sideburns will be neatly trimmed and short.
  • Finger nails must meet the following criteria:
    • No longer than 1/4 inch
    • Clean
    • No artificial nails, nail wraps, decorations, nail jewelry or other artificial additions to natural nails
    • No chipped nail polish


  • Any visible jewelry will be conservative and in good taste.
  • Rings without raised stones or designs will be allowed in moderation.
  • Earrings will meet these specifications: 6 mm or 1/4 in. in diameter or smaller; gold, silver, white pearl, or diamond; unadorned and spherical; fit snugly against the ear lobe; maximum of two earrings per lobe.
  • No other jewelry or body piercing materials will be visible while in any clinical setting.
  • Fad devices, vogue medallions, personal talismans, or amulets will not be worn.
  • A watch with a second hand will be worn at all times.