Prerequisite Courses

Students must successfully complete the following college credit courses before applying for admission to the Sonography program. ALL other prerequisite requirements including: the Sonography Information Session, Sonography Lab Volunteer sessions, and the minimum Patient Care Education, must be completed at the time of application.

Prerequisite College Credit Courses

Course Name
Semester Hours
ENGL 1301

English Composition I

MATH 1314 College Algebra
HPRS 1106 Medical Terminology
BIOL 2304/2101 Human Anatomy - Lecture and Lab*
PHYS 1401 General College Physics

* See Biology website for course requirements.

  • MATH 1314 College Algebra, BIOL 2304/2101 Human Anatomy Lecture/Lab, and PHYS 1401 General College Physics prerequisite courses MUST be completed with a grade of "C" or better and within five (5) years of application date.

The following information was revised on April 15, 2014:

Pre-Requisite Course Substitution Information for Sonography Programs Admission Purposes ONLY*

Required Courses Alternate Course(s)
HPRS 1106 Essentials of Medical Terminology HPRS 1206; any Medical Terminology course of 1 or more credit hours
MATH 1314 College Algebra Minimum 3 credit hour Calculus, Trigonometry, or Statistics course
ENGL 1301 English Composition I No substitutions or waivers
BIOL 2304/2101 Human Anatomy Lec/Lab BIOL 2401 AND BIOL 2402 Anatomy and Physiology I & II (transfer ONLY; must have minimum 3 hour lecture and 3 hour lab for each course) Both A&P I & II MUST be taken prior to applying to meet the Human Anatomy course requirement
PHYS 1401 General College Physics PHYS 1410 Applied Physics

Effective Immediately: PHYS 1401 General College Physics has pre-requisites of MATH 1314 College Algebra and MATH 1316 Trigonometry (State of Texas mandated pre-requisites). All Sonography Program applicants should take PHYS 1410 Applied Physics (pre-requisite of MATH 1314 College Algebra). If an applicant has previously completed MATH 1314 College Algebra and MATH 1316 Trigonometry, he/she may choose either PHYS 1410 Applied Physics or PHYS 1401 General College Physics.

Co-Requisite Course Substitution Information for Sonography Programs Admission Purposes ONLY*

Course Alternate Course(s)
HPRS 2301 Pathophysiology No substitutions or waivers
SPCH 1318 Interpersonal Communication No substitutions or waivers
PSYC 2301 Introduction to Psychology No substitutions or waivers
PHIL 2306 Ethics No substitutions or waivers

Note: Some alternate courses will require evaluation for equivalency by the ACC Admissions Office. All applicants seeking to utilize transfer coursework for a Sonography degree plan MUST schedule an appointment in person with the Sonography Department Chair for a Transcript Evaluation.

Advanced Placement / Course Challenge Exam Policy

  • Any qualified applicant/student (see below) may request a challenge exam to receive credit for a didactic course(s). Sonography clinical courses may not be challenged for credit.
  • Any prerequisites for a course that the applicant/student is requesting to challenge for credit must be successfully completed prior to the applicant/student requesting the Sonography course challenge.
  • The student must file a written request for a challenge examination. Forms may be obtained from the Sonography Department Chair and must be filed at least two weeks prior to the test date.
  • To qualify to request a challenge exam for a Sonography didactic course, the applicant/student must produce acceptable documentation (transcript, military documents, original letter from previous program director and/or instructor) of formal Sonography training to include one or more of the following:
    • military service training
    • completion of or credit hours in Sonography courses obtained at a regionally accredited college or university OR from a CAAHEP accredited Sonography program;
    • foreign Sonography training programs recognized by ACC through its formal transcript evaluation process;
    • other class work, as evaluated by the Sonography program faculty prior to determination of eligibility;
    • documentation of previous training in a hospital-based Sonography program accredited by CAAHEP.
  • To successfully complete the challenge, the student must pass an exam covering fundamental concepts and demonstrate all competencies required by the course. A minimum grade of 85% (“B”) must be achieved in order for credit to be awarded.

Transfer of Sonography Course Credit from Other Institutions

Previous Sonography course work satisfactorily completed at another regionally accredited institution of higher education will be evaluated for transfer and may be applied toward completion of a Sonography Program at Austin Community College. The student must submit a letter of withdrawal in good standing from the previous Program Director along with all other documents required in the Application Process.

The Sonography Department Chair will review official transcripts and the Sonography course descriptions and syllabi to determine the suitability of the previous courses. Applicants/students may receive credit for coursework or a challenge exam may be required.