Student Lab Volunteer Sessions

Volunteer Sessions (Student Labs) for Fall 2014

Who can volunteer? Anyone who is willing to assist the Sonography student's with their education and training. You are the "patient" for the session!

Volunteer sessions are 1 hour in length. All volunteers are scanned by experienced, credentialed faculty members as well as a student or students who are in various stages of their sonography education.

Sonography student labs are non-diagnostic; the scans are not "read" by a physician.*

  • Contact the DCS Clinical Coordinator at 512-223-0294 for times and appointments for the Diagnostic Cardiac Program sessions. Days and times may vary during the semester. The DCS Program Student Lab is located at the ACC Round Rock Campus, Building 3000, Room 3228.
  • Contact the DMS Clinical Coordinator at 512-223-5945 for times, appointments, and scan preparations for the Diagnostic Medical Program and Vascular Technology Program sessions. The DMS and VT Programs Student Labs are located at the Eastview Campus, Building 9000, Room 9203.
    • DMS days: Monday and Tuesday
    • VT day: Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings

Types of scans performed in the Sonography Programs student labs:

  • DCS Program scans: adult heart (echocardiogram)
  • DMS Program scans: abdominal organs (liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, vessels), female pelvis (uterus, ovaries), and pregnancy (contact the DMS Clinical Coordinator for special requirements for obstetric scan volunteers).
  • VT Program scans: arteries and veins throughout the body (carotid arteries, leg arteries and veins, arm arteries and veins, abdominal arteries and veins).

*Individuals with a medical complaint (current health problem) are not accepted and should seek medical care from a licensed healthcare provider.