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Setting up the Back Table

After scrubbing, gown & glove off the mayo
stand. Remember to tie gown with circulator
before beginning to set up.
Check to see that all necessary supplies are
opened especialy your gown & gloves.


Cover the mayo stand facing the front of the
stand as you approach it with the cover.
Locate your KBs and other loose sharps.
Contain them safely in the needlebook.

Open & lay a towel down on the PT
foot end of the back table. After
checking sterile indicator, roll basin
set to the other side of the mayo
close to PT foot end of back table.
Arrange appropriate basins on top of
opened towel on back table. Roll
basin ring stand back to its
original position.

Place towels on mayo, including another
instrument roll and suture towel (as shown).
Continue arranging supplies and preparing
back table for instruments by opening and
placing another towel next to the 1st on the
back table. Tightly roll a towel for instruments
and place on second opened towel on back table.
Place linens (drapes, gowns, towels, gloves,
ets.) on the top corner at the PT Head end
of the back table.
Carefully, lift the internal instrument pan
from the external container. Check sterile
indicator/filter in bottom of external pan
placing internal pan on back table
just below stack of linen (at PT Head end
of back table).
Gather instruments on stringer by keeping both
hands clasped together around entire stringer.
Place stringer on rolled towel in the middle of
the back table.

After arranging and preparing instruments
on back table for counting. Carefully hand
count sheet off to circulator.
Count instruments with circulator, allowing
circulator full visualization of each instrument.
Circulator will call out instrument name,
scrub will count out loud the number.
Count any extra items, including cautery tip.

Count lap spongers twice, separating
the sponges individually each time.
Count raytec spongers twice, separating
spongers individually each time.
Count KBs twice, always allowing circulator
full visualization as you count together.


Count needles twice. Remember to count any
FREE needles, including hypos.

Apply KBs to handles 1st. Note technique for application
and removal as follows, using a needleholder.

Applying blade to handle:
From blunt side, grasp
body of blade with NH.
Align angle at base of
blade with angle at tip
of handle. Seat blade
onto handle following
grooved track at tip
of handle until blade
Clicks onto handle.
Removing blade from handle:
Grasp blade with NH at
angle where blade meets
handle. Pointing blade
downward, lift blade up
and slide off handles track.
Gather instruments for placement
on mayo, closing the ratchets as
you gather. Remember to keep all
clamp tips facing the same way,
and graduated from short to long.
This will allow better visualization
on the mayo.


Taking ringed instruments as a group,
and place them clamp toward you and
all tips curved toward you.

Place appropriate tissue forceps on the mayo
parallel to rolled towel.
Place appropriate scissors between
ringed instruments and KB handles.
They may be placed on rolled towel
(as shown) or place flat on mayo tray.
They should be separated
clearly for visualization.
Do not include them in the
group of ringed instruments.
Place appropriate retractors on the
mayo, parallel to the tissue forceps.
Gelpi tips should be placed near
front corner of mayo as shown.
Open any free ties and place
them in folds of suture towel.
Place appropriate needleholders
on top of suture towels.
Place appropriate sponges
on corner of suture towel.
After completing mayo set-up,
electrocautery and suction
tubing with appropriate tips
may be placed on mayo
(near sponges and away from sharps).

On back table, fold 4 towels for draping,
3 with a 3-4 inch flap facing up and
1 with a 3-4 inch flap facing down. NOTE:
Do Not allow towel edges to hang
over back table surface
while folding flaps.
Fold drape towels together and place
them between the gowns and the
laparatomy drape sheet in linen stack.
Prepare gowns with drying towels
and gloves in order of use.
    Prepare 2 sponge sticks with raytec sponges:
  • Folding the raytec into 1/3’s
  • Folding the tri-folded sponges in half
    (preferably with the blue strip showing the outside.)
  • Clamp down on about 2/3’s of the folded raytec.
Look over the mayo and backtable for any
missing items or chores left to be done.
All the while keeping hands in the zone.
Always be as prepared as possible and as
neat and organized as possible!


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