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I have a 23 year old medically fragile daughter who receives nursing services.   We have one LVN who has worked with her for over four years and had one more who worked over a year but left suddenly due to family problems.  I am looking for one or more LVN/RNs to cover the second nurse position which totals  35 hours per week.

The hours would be 7:30 am to 5:30 pm on Friday and then other weekend afternoon and/or evenings and some other evenings that would depend upon nurse availablity to total up to 35 hours/week.  I am flexible.  

She weighs about 72 pounds and is a spastic quad.  I have a track system.  She has a G-tube with continuous feeding pump, scoliosis with rods/wires, baclofen pump implant and many medications and  respiratory treatments, vest, nebulizer, bi-pap and O2.  

The pay starts at $23.00 and will go up, if the person plans to stay for awhile and become part of our team.   My daughter communicates with smiles/ eye blinks etc. and loves a caring person. Contact at kjines@bisdtx.org