Vocational Nursing
Application Process

Health Sciences Application Process

Admission to Austin Community College does not guarantee admission to a Health Sciences program. ALL Health Sciences program applicants must:

  1. Enroll in ACC and begin taking relevant program prerequisites
  2. Follow the admission steps for the Health Sciences program you prefer.
  3. Collect the required documentation and/or complete all immunizations before applying for program admission.
  4. Submit your program application (a criminal background check may be required)

Vocational Nursing Application Checklist

New students are accepted into the Vocational Nursing program as follows:

Austin-Eastview Campus: Each fall and spring semester
Fredericksburg Campus: Every four to five semesters in either the fall or spring semester, with a cohort group in Austin: one Fredericksburg class graduates before another program begins.

Your application will be accepted after you have completed all prerequisite work and immunizations. Note: Admission to Austin Community College does not guarantee admission to any Health Sciences program.

Download Application Process: PDF

2014-2015 Certificate Tracking Worksheet

Step 1
Apply to ACC. All applicants must meet TSI (testing) requirements. Visit a campus advisor to determine status. If exempt, students must take the TSI test (all parts for assessment only).

Step 2

Fulfill all immunization requirements (some immunizations can take six months to complete). Your completed immunization form is due at the time you apply for program admission. Immunization requirements were changed on October 1, 2012. Please review the updated form for new requirements.

Step 3

Complete an Information Session onsite or online. Click here for the current Austin-Eastview schedule or call 512.223.5700. For Fredericksburg contact 1-877-990-0462.

Step 4

Complete the following prerequisites with a "C" or better and meet the minimum GPA requirement of 2.3** to be eligible for admission to the VNG Program. Any prerequisites taken at schools other than ACC must have transcripts and course descriptions with your application.

  • BIOL 2404* (will accept BIOL 2401 and 2402 if taken within the required timeframe at other colleges or both BIOL 2304/2101 and BIOL 2305/2102*)
  • HPRS 1206 Medical Terminology
  • HPRS 2300 Pharmacology * This course has mandatory prerequisites. You must have completed Anatomy and Physiology (4 hrs.) with minimum of C, or pass the pre-pharm assessment, and a Math course above MATD 0330 with a minimum grade of “C” or THEA Math 230 or Math Assessment (Compass 39). Exempt students need proof of a Math course or Assessment.

* Must be less than 5 years old.
** For example: if you have a "C" in both BIOL 2404 and HPRS 2300 you must have an "A" in HPRS 1206. If you take the Medical Terminology through Continuing Education, please be aware that you must convert the course to credit afterward through the Coninuing Education Office at Highland Business Center AND that the course will not transfer with a grade, only a credit. This cannot be used in calculating your GPA.

*** Students may take HPRS-2300 Pharmacology during the first semester of the VNG program if the student meets the following requirements:

  • Must already have completed BIOL 2404 - Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
  • Will accept BIOL 2401 and 2402 from other schools or both BIOL 2304/2101 and BIOL 2305/2102.
  • Must be less than five years old.
  • Must already have completed HPRS 1206 - Essentials of Medical Terminology.
  • BIOL 2404 and HPRS 1206 may only be attempted one time with a grade of "B" or better to qualify. If you have a "W" in a previously registered course, it will be considered an attempt.

If these requirements are met, the students can apply to the program and take the HPRS 2300 – Pharmacology for Health Professions in their first semester of the program. However, it is highly recommended that HPRS 2300 be completed before starting the program. The option to follow this admission criteria will need departmental approval.

Step 5

After completion of all prerequisite courses, submit completed application and verification of completion of all the following immunizations:

  • MMR
  • Varicella
  • Tetanus/Diphtheria
  • Hepatitis B

The application will not be accepted without a copy of the completed immunization record. Click here to learn more about immunizations. A current Health Data/Physical Exam Form, TB skin test, and CPR for Healthcare Provider will be required prior to beginning the program.

Note: To be compliant with clinical facility requirements, a mandatory criminal background check will be required prior to admission. Click here for more information Do not submit your criminal background request until directed to do so by the program.