Vocational Nursing
Application Process

Health Sciences Application Process

Admission to Austin Community College does not guarantee admission to a Health Sciences program. ALL Health Sciences program applicants must:

  1. Enroll in ACC and begin taking relevant program prerequisites
  2. Follow the admission steps for the Health Sciences program you prefer.
  3. Collect the required documentation and/or complete all immunizations before applying for program admission.
  4. Submit your program application (a criminal background check may be required)


2014-2015 Certificate Tracking Worksheet

2015-2016 Certificate plan

Step 1
Apply to ACC. All applicants must meet TSI (testing) requirements. Visit a campus advisor to determine status. See also: www.austincc.edu/support-and-services/services-for-students/testing-services/tsi-assessment

Step 2

Review required immunization and health insurance requirements. Immunization requirements were changed on October 1, 2012. Please review the updated form for new requirements.

Step 3

Go to the Vocational Nursing Program page to view program requirements.

Step 4

Complete an Information Session for the Vocational Nursing Program onsite or online. Click here for the current Austin-Eastview schedule or call 512.223.5700.

Step 5

Schedule the TEAS V (Nursing) Differentiated Skill Examination. Please be advised: The student MUST take the TEAS V PRIOR to submission of application. (Effective for admission fall 2015 and thereafter.)

Step 6

Submit completed application and verification of completion of all immunizations as indicated by the Health Sciences Division.

The application will not be accepted without a copy of the completed immunization record. Click here to learn more about immunizations. A current Health Data/Physical Exam Form, TB skin test, and CPR for Healthcare Provider will be required prior to beginning the program.

Note: To be compliant with clinical facility requirements, a mandatory criminal background check will be required prior to admission. Click here for more information. Do not submit your criminal background request until directed to do so by the program.

Note: Do not purchase program materials until accepted into the program


Vocational Nursing Application Checklist -- Effective Fall 2015

New students are accepted into the Vocational Nursing program as follows:

The formula for admission to the Vocational Nursing Program

The Vocational Nursing Program uses a mathematical formula to compute an applicant ranking score based on four criteria. The ranking score is used to select qualified applicants for admission into the Vocational Nursing program. All required information MUST BE submitted prior to the applicant being ranked. The formula is as follows:

Rank=(Points earned based on grade in course) + (Submission of application) + (Attendance at information session)

Additional coursework completed will be taken into consideration by program's admission committee.


TEAS V (Nursing) Admission Examination*

(Applicant must complete PRIOR to submission of application.)

Developmental-0 points

Basic - 1 point

Proficient - 2 points

Advanced - 3 points

Exemplary - 4 points

Completion of BIOL 2304 Human Anatomy**

(If taken prior to start of program.)

A - 6 points

B - 4 points

C - 2 points

Completion of HPRS 2300 Pharmacology for Health Professions**

(If taken prior to start of program.)

A - 6 points

B - 4 points

C - 2 points

Submission of Application to Vocational Nursing Program 5 points
Information Session (in-person or online) 1 point

*Denotes TEAS V test score expires two (2) years from date of examination

**Denotes science courses expire five (5) years since last attempt. Course has a prerequisite as required by the college.




Deadline for ALL materials required for the program:

Austin-Eastview Campus

Fall Admission: January 10th (***EXTENDED to February 19th, 2016***)

Spring Admission: June 1st

Note: Admission to Austin Community College does not guarantee admission to any Health Sciences program.


  • All applications and re-applications turned in during an admission cycle are reviewed and ranked to compile the current ranking list.
  • Applicants are selected for admission based on their placement on the current ranking list from highest rank to lowest rank.
  • The Vocational Nursing Program does not maintain a rank list that allows an applicant to automatically advance in rank from one application cycle to the next.
  • To be considered for admission, you must apply during each admission cycle. The new ranking list is compiled from only those who applied during that cycle. This may result in upward or downward movement on the rank from one cycle to the next as individual scores are compared to the scores of all the applicants in the current pool at that time.
  • Each applicant selected for admission will be notified via e-mail and given a deadline to accept or decline the invitation to join the upcoming class.
  • Acceptance letters are sent to each applicant in order of rank until all available seats in the class are filled.
  • Applicants who do not respond to letters of acceptance will be removed from the applicant pool and lose all review points.


  • Admission reviews are conducted twice each year. During the spring review, applicants are selected for the upcoming fall semester. During the fall review, applicants are selected for the upcoming spring semester.


  • A student can defer one (1) time without penalty and still accumulate ranking points (+5) the next time they apply. Deferring a second time would result in the loss of all accumulated ranking points. The applicant must notify the admissions committee of declination of the offer of admission within thirty (30) days of receiving the acceptance e-mail. Should the student not respond to acceptance, this will result in loss of placement in the program.

How can a student earn review points?

  • An additional five (5) points are added to the ranking score only twice upon reapplication. Missing two or more reapplication periods will result in the loss of all accumulated ranking points. Applications are only retained on file for one year after becoming inactive. Reapplying after one year or more requires attending another information session but no additional points will be awarded.

Note-Effective 1/1/2015

  • If an applicant is unable to begin the Vocational Nursing program at the scheduled time after having accepted the admission, the applicant must notify the Vocational Nursing Program Admissions Coordinator at least thirty (30) days prior to the first class day. Failure to do so will result in the loss of all review points AND the student will be required to skip an application cycle.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is critical that each applicant maintain current contact information on file with the college Admissions Office and the Nursing Office (name, address, and telephone number) since these are the official sources of information for contacting applicants.