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New ACC Web Account FTP Host Address

New ACC Web Account FTP Host Address

If you are having issues connecting to your web account to update your web site, please follow these steps to update your ftp client to ACC's new web account server address:

If you are using WS_FTP LE:
1. Open up WS_FTP LE.
2. Press the 'Connect' button if the Session Properties box dosn't automatically come up.
3. If the 'Host Name/Address:' is set to, change it to
4. Make sure your username and password are still entered, if no enter them again.
5. Press the OK button.

If you are using Dreamweaver
1. Choose Site > Manage Sites.
2. In the Manage Sites dialog box, select your existing site definition and click  Edit .
3. Select the Advanced tab, choose the Remote Info category.
4. Set the "FTP Host." entry to
5. Save the settings and reconnect.

If you are using Adobe Contribute
1. Open AdobeContribute.
2. Go to Edit> My Connections.
3. Select your connection for your website.
4. Press Edit.
5. Press Next.
6. The screen should now show the "How do you connect to your web server" dialog box.
7. Change the FTP Server Name from to
8. Press Next.
9. Keep pressing next until you finish the Edit Connection Wizard.
10. Close the My Connections dialog box.
11. Reconnect to your website.

If you are on a Mac and using Fetch:
1. Open Fetch.
2. Go to File then click New Connection.
3. For Hostname, enter
4. Enter the Username and Password for your web account.
5. Press connect.

If you are using Internet Explorer to connect to the ftp:
1. Open Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer.
2. Enter into the address bar and press enter.
3. Enter your username and password when the login window appears and press enter.

If you are using another ftp client program that is not listed, go to your account options for the connection and make sure the Host is set to

If you experience any issue after trying this, please contact the Helpdesk.