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ACC Domain Requests    
Logging onto the ACC domain offers a secure computing environment that allows the user to access network resources shared with other employees and departments. Being on the domain allows you to:
  • Log on to most computers that are not located in the Library or computer labs.
  • Instantly gain access to secured department and personal resources.
  • Recieve Windows updates that have been tested prior to release
  • ACC Domain users can access the domain using PC's or Macs.
Use of ACC resources follow the Professional Use Expectations for College Information Systems which can be read HERE. Logging onto any computer that is a member of the ACC collegewide domain you agree to all terms stated therein.

To obtain a domain account:
  • You need a valid eID and email address
  • Account creation request must come from the users supervisor. Please include all information to any network share the user will need access to.
  • Hourly, Adjunct and Workstudy account requests are restrictive. An END date of their term will be required. The account will automatically terminate at the end of that date.
  • At this time domain accounts will be limited to full time, part time, hourly, workstudy and contract employees that are on ACC payrole.
  • Even though Apple OSX can join a domain, we encourage Mac users to acquire a copy of Thursby AdmitMac software. It allows OSX to use Microsoft active directory resources seamlessly.

Once an account has been created:

  • Under normal conditions, the account will be processed within one working week day.
  • When you receive your login password, you will be asked to change it at your first login.
  • You need to activate your account by logging onto a computer joined to the ACC domain. You need to do this inside 2 weeks of recieving your initial password, otherwise the account will be disabled.
  • You will receive a login password. You will be asked to change it at your first login.
  • Your password will expire every 90 days at which time you will be asked to change it. Passwords require three of four rules of complexity: 1 Upper case; 1 Lower case; 1 Numeric character or 1 Non Alpha/Numeric character (#&!%$@, etc) with a minimum length of 8 characters.
  • Accounts are automatically disabled when terminated or end of term is confirmed. If you change departments your new supervisor needs to apply for a change of employment.
  • Requests for new network resources such as storage space needs to go through an application process for review.
  • If you are FTE, you can request a personal network share space of 8GB .
  • Hourly, Adjunct and Workstudy accounts will have access to department share as requested by their supervisor. Hourly, Workstudy and Adjunct Faculty accounts will not receive a personal folder.

Your responsibilities:

  • Never disclose your login information to anyone. See Administrative rules.
  • Personal folders are for job related work files only. They can only be accessed with your domain account. Do not store media files, system backups or working applications in this share.
  • Close out any open files to a network directory when leaving for the day.
  • You may leave data in your personal folder if you are moving departments.
  • Access to further network resources outside your department must go through the requested share owner.


Termination and end of assignment notices are generated by Datatel and sent to various department for removal of services. Once these notices are received, all domain user accounts will be disabled. Users must provide proof of continued employment or any change of assignment before their account is reactivated.

  • Important: All Hourly, Adjunct and Workstudy accounts will automatically be disabled at end of academic year unless an earlier date is requested.
  • Once a termination notice has been release and a date set, the user account will be disabled on that date and all access to domain resources removed.
  • Supervisors have the right to claim the data on the disable user accounts home folder. This must be claimed inside 2 weeks after which the data will be deleted and space reclaimed for further use.
  • Termination for other resources such as email, datatel and online services are not the responsibility of the domain administrator. These must go through other channels.
  • For security reasons, all accounts wil expire after 90 days of non-use. Users will have to contact the heldesk to have them re-enabled. Form link below.
  • Any change in position or location should be reported using the Position/assignment update form.

By submitting any of the forms linked below you are agreeing with the terms and conditions stated on this page and the Administrative Rules defined by Austin Community College.

Form Links
    Account Management: 
  New User Domain Account Request
  Activate Disabled Account Request
  Termination Request.
  Position/Assignment Update Request
    Domain Services
  Restore lost or deleted data on a domain network share (not web)
Request new network storage share
  Share Management: Add, remove, change user access