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Frequently Asked Questions: Windows XP End of Support.

Q: When is Microsoft going to stop supporting Windows XP?
A: April 8th, 2014.

Q: When do I need to be using Windows 7?
A: ACC is attempting to have everyone upgraded by the end of March. Please don't wait until the last moment.

Q: How do I know what operating system I am running?
A: The easy way is the "Start" button Graphic:
Windows 7 and Vista Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Windows XP Windows XP.
A: You can also rightmouseclick on My Computer and choose Properties. This will give you a more precise description of the Windows OS and its Service Pack level .

Q: I am running Windows XP at home. Will I need to upgrade?
A: It is strongly suggested that you should, but no. Once XP is no longer getting patched, you computer and files may be compromised by malware.

Q: I have a Mac running Bootcamp (dual-boot) with XP installed. Will I need to upgrade that?
A: Yes. If it is on ACC Inventory, All devices running XP will have to upgrade.

Q: If I upgrade my ACC computer operating system, should I use Windows 8?
A: At this time, ACC does NOT support Windows 8 or 8.1.

Q: How do I know if I'm getting a new computer before March 2014?
A: You can see if you are eligible for a new computer by going to the following web:
If your computer Asset # is on this list, most likely you can order a new computer.

Q: I am qualified for a new computer. Where do I go to request a replacement?
A: You can fill out this form:
Someone will contact you.

Q: I am not qualified to get a new computer before March. What do I do now?
A: Please call the helpdesk and set up a time in which you can talk about upgrading with a computer technician.

Q: Does my department need to pay for a Windows 7 License?
A: No. ACC has an FTE site license for Windows 7 and the latest Office products.

Q: Do I have to back up all my programs and files?
A: Personal Files and third party applications that install on top of what ever usually comes with a standard Windows 7 installation will need to be reinstalled and restored. ACC Computer support will only back up and restore work related files. Any audio, video, image or personal files are the users responsibility.

Q: I hear Google Apps/Mail may not work properly anymore using Internet Explorer on Windows XP. Can I upgrade to the newest version of Internet Explorer?
A: No. Microsoft stopped upgrading Windows XP Internet Explorer with version 8. Mozilla has stopped supporting Windows XP, but Google Chrome will continue support through 2015.