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MATD 0421: A New Direction in Developmental Math

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Master math skills at your own pace; classes at Highland, Pinnacle, and Round Rock campuses

Do you want your developmental math class to be faster? Or slower? Do you have to repeat a developmental math level but don't want to start class at the beginning? 

Your solution may be Developmental Math (MATD 0421), an all-levels-in one class offered at the Highland Campus, in the state-of-the-art ACCelerator, Pinnacle, and Round Rock campuses.

How is MATD 0421 is different?

MATD 0421 represents a new direction in developmental math. Unlike the traditional courses, MATD 0421 allows you to complete more than one level of developmental math in a semester or work on the requirements at a slower pace—whatever it takes to help you succeed.

Is MATD 0421 right for you?

MATD 0421 is open to anyone who wants to improve in math. It is designed as an alternative to any of the following courses:

  • Basic Math (MATD 0330/0332)
  • Elementary Algebra (MATD 0370)
  • Intermediate Algebra (MATD 0390)

How the course is organized

You attend class at the time slot you select, but you can work additional hours or days. You work primarily in the ACCelerator, a state-of-the-art facility at the Highland Campus, or in labs at Pinnacle and Round Rock. A course instructor and lab tutors are available if you need help. You complete coursework using a computer application called ALEKS. Outside class, you can access ALEKS on your own computer or mobile device.

What happens on the first day

Instructors, tutors, and staff help you log on to ALEKS. You complete a series of questions and problems that give you credit for the things that you already know and identify which concepts you still need to master. ALEKS then generates a learning “pie” individualized for you.

Working through your ALEKS ‘pie’

Once ALEKS creates your individualized learning pie, you're off! With the help of the software, and the guidance of your instructor and tutors, you can accomplish as much as you are able within the semester. You may even complete your developmental math sooner than you expected, saving you time and money!

Have questions?

This is a new approach to developmental math, and we know you may have questions. Check frequently asked questions or email the Math Department if you don't can't find your answer.

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