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MATD 0421: Questions & Answers

Do I need to attend class? If it is on the computer, why can't I do this at home?

You must attend class. While much of the MATD 0421 coursework is completed on a computer, it is not a distance learning (online) class. Written tests are required and will help you master concepts.

Can I really go at an individualized pace?

Absolutely. To learn the material you need to spend a minimum amount of time on coursework each week. Once you master an objective, you move on. A student may be able to complete more than one level in a semester.

If you cannot complete the coursework by the end of the semester, you can continue where you left off the next semester. You won’t need to restart the course from the beginning as you would in a traditional lecture class.

Is everything online? Is testing online?

Most of the work is online, but you will have a chance to ask questions and interact with instructors, tutors, and other students during class time. You will take both online and paper/pencil tests and quizzes.

What if I move to the next level during the semester, but then I don’t finish?

When you return the following semester, you will continue right where you left off. You don’t need to restart the course you began in the previous semester.

How will I be graded?

Your grade will be based on your ALEKS computerized coursework, quizzes and tests, and your participation in mini lectures and activities. You will receive a grade for the work you complete each semester, even if does not represent an entire course or level of developmental math. With a traditional lecture class, if you don’t finish you might receive a grade of IP (in progress) and you would have to take the entire course again.

Can I work in the ACCelerator if my instructor is not there?

Yes. You are encouraged to work in the ACCelerator any time the lab is open. Your instructor will be available during your class hours. If you are working in the lab outside class hours, other faculty and math tutors can help.

What happens if I want to take math courses at another campus in a future semester?

The MATD 0421 curriculum includes certain “exit points” that equal completion of MATD 0330, MATD 0370, or MATD 0390. Once you have met the requirements for an exit point, you can choose to move on to the next level math course at the campus of your choice.

What happens if I want to switch from a traditional class to MATD 0421?

MATD 0421 is taught only at the Highland Campus, so you will need to register and attend class there. Like all MATD 0421 students, you will take an initial assessment that will generate your individualized ALEKS “pie.” You then can begin at working through the curriculum at the level appropriate for you.

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