Employers, Find out how our students can help you!

Greetings and thank you for your interest in our internship program!  We have a number of passionate and talented students studying the fields of Hospitality, Meeting & Event Planning, and Travel & Tourism who are looking for additional hands-on experiences and the opportunity to grow with a company.

The information below will provide you with some of the basic information about our internship program.  Our internship course is one of the last classes scheduled prior to graduation.  Students are expected to obtain a position that will utilize the knowledge and skills that they have obtained during their time at Austin Community College in conjunction with any industry work experience they may have.

Benefits to the Employer:

An internship is a pre-professional work experience that provides students the opportunity to gain experience in the hospitality industry; while also allowing the company to participate in the educational process for the students.  Further, an internship program is a year-round recruiting tool, allowing employers to benefit from added manpower, while more accurately assessing potential candidates.  Our Management Internship Program is a comprehensive management and skills mastery program that serves as the capstone for the programs of Hospitality, Meeting & Event Planning, and Travel & Tourism here at Austin Community College.

Learning Objectives:

Develop and apply knowledge gained throughout academic studies to a position with managerial responsibilities

Demonstrate the ability to review and discuss the various methods of reporting required within the hospitality specialization

Compare and contrast industry working environments to develop engagement strategies within an ever increasing diverse workforce

Conduct a self-evaluation of personal learning and practicum experience and develop and individual learning plan

Critically analyze the roles and responsibilities of all personal within the work based learning environment

Develop a presentation to give a holistic analysis of the student’s progression and achievement

Engage in discussions to develop and share understanding of management and leadership  strategies

Student Requirements:

To satisfy the degree requirements, each student in the internship program must secure employment from a company in the hospitality industry which has been approved by one of the internship coordinators. 

Completed at least 75% of their program credit hours prior to enrolling in the internship course. 

* Upon request, we are able to provide the employer with the degree plan.

 Complete 240 hours during the 12-14 week internship period

Complete Internship Agreement Form

Attend mandatory in class professional development sessions

Maintain all paperwork

Complete self-development and goals sheet with the site coordinator

Submit weekly Logs to ACC internship instructor

Complete mid-term and final presentations

Employer Obligations

Provide a meaningful and professional experience

Provide student with 240 hours of work - Provide student with opportunities to shadow and/or complete opening and closing management procedures, budgeting, management meetings, scheduling of employees, or any other management activities or projects that the location deems as valuable experience.

Meet weekly with the intern and sign off on the student’s weekly logs

The student will be placed in an appropriate employment situation which provides an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills acquired during collegiate training

The employment arrangement should be mutually beneficial to both parties.  It is expected that the intern will receive sufficient training in order to adjust rapidly and become a productive employee.

Provide student with one-on-one mentoring experience with a member of management within the location

Complete self-development and goals sheet with the intern

Complete site visit with the internship coordinator

Complete mid-term and final evaluation

Complete satisfaction survey that is provided by ACC