Hospitality Management Association

Hospitality Management Ambassadors

Be an Ambassador through ACC’s Hospitality Management Ambassadors (HMA) student life organization. Gain valuable hands on experiences in networking, event production and more. To check us out, stop by one of our meetings, find us on the web or visit our Facebook page.

Our Mission:
To gain hands on event production experience
To promote programs to fellow students, ACC, industries, and the community
To engage and network with industries in order to increase internship and/or job placement

Why become an Ambassador?

Becoming an Ambassador will connect you to your future. Leadership skills, lasting relationships, problem solving, presentation skills, and great communication skills are at your fingertips when you become an ambassador. You will become the face of the Hospitality Management, Meeting & Event Planning and Travel & Tourism at Austin Community College as you encounter opportunities to network with industry professionals who set the stage for not only Austin but also the country.


Meet Kondja Kamatuka

HMA President

In HMA, we strive to further network within the industries, getting involved in the pre/post production of events in Austin and surrounding communities, and partaking in field trips to further expand our knowledge of the industry. HMA is a great way to know your fellow classmates, potential colleagues, and see all that Austin has to offer to the hospitality fields!”