Scholarship Winners

2012 AHLA Scholarship Award Winner

Shelby Dewitt 2012 AHLA Scholarship Award Winner
Shelby Dewit - "
Winning the AHLA Scholarship has been a wonderful opportunity.  Shortly after, I was invited to the AHLA Holiday Party.  At this event I was able to network and make amazing connections.  By the end of the event I walked away with several job opportunities and people that I could turn to as mentors.”


2011 AHLA Scholarship Award Winner

Diana Fuselier
Diana Fuselier -
“When I received the news that I had won the AHLA scholarship, I was so excited because it was going to be a big help with my finances for that semester.  Little did I know that an amazing opportunity was going to come out of the 'connections' that were made through the scholarship process.  Before I knew it, I had several job interviews and I was selected to be enrolled in White Lodging's 'Leadership Development Series 1' classes that are designed for future managers of the company.  Winning this one scholarship opened doors that I never knew existed, and I'm so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and look forward to the amazing journey that lies ahead in my career.”


2010 AHLA Scholarship Award Winner

Lindsey Heaney
Lindsey Heaney -
“Choosing Austin Community College to advance my career has been the best decision I have ever made. The professors and staff in the hospitality department have given me the tools, knowledge, inspiration and industry connections needed to be successful in the hospitality industry.”


2012 Sabre Scholarship Winner

Karen Rohe
Karen Rohe -
“This scholarship gave me the opportunity to attend the SABRE Convention in Las Vegas for Tourism Professionals. It included valuable educational seminars, terrific exhibitors and fantastic networking abilities. I feel that was a chance of a lifetime, thank you Austin Community College!”


ISES Eventworld 2012 Scholarship

Rachel Stroik
Rachel Stroik -
“As a Meeting and Event Planning student I am an active member of ISES where I was able to be awarded this full scholarship to annual ISES Eventworld conference in Dallas, TX. I gained invaluable experience from many general sessions and networking events with event professionals from around the world. Being involved with ISES and as a student of ACC I have had the opportunity to work on many different types of events around Austin from weddings to corporate functions with some of the best players in the event industry.”