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With guidance from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC), and as specified in Board Policies F-4 and F-7, the full-time faculty and adjunct faculty of Austin Community College are evaluated by both their students and their supervisors on a regular basis. These evaluations are intended to provide feedback to faculty on the effectiveness of their classroom instruction and aid in the development of their Professional Development plans. Student evaluations of all faculty are mandatory in the fall semester; however, those faculty who are new hires after the fall semester are evaluated in the spring semester. Optional spring semester evaluations for all others are available on request made to the supervisor. In addition, any supervisor may request an evaluation for a faculty member in their area.

For more information on the faculty evaluation cycle and criteria for both full-time and adjunct faculty, visit

Read full board policies at and

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Administrative Performance of Adjuncts

Adjunct faculty are evaluated on their compliance with ACC policy and procedures as outlined in the Faculty Evaluation Procedures Manual.

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Input Forms

As part of the Faculty Evaluation process, input forms are utilized to collect and review information. Using the "Faculty Input Form" instructors can respond to student evaluations and input information about instructional and non-instructional activities. Department Chairs and other supervisors can provide information about faculty performance by using the "Administrative Input Form" and "Instructional Input Form."

For more information on the Faculty Input, Administrative Input, or Instructional Input Forms, view the Faculty Evaluation Procedures Manual.

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Instructional Performance

Instructional Performance is a review based on a combination of instructional material from portfolios, input forms, student evaluation and Grade Distribution Report from the previous semester. For more information, visit the Faculty Evaluation Procedures Manual.

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In addition to student evaluations, full-time and adjunct faculty member's instructional performance will be evaluated through portfolios. The creation of a portfolio will help faculty assess their own efforts at effective instruction. Portfolios are due November 1 of the academic year.

For more information about portfolios, view the Portfolio Process online.

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Professional Development

Austin Community College supports and encourages its faculty to participate in professional development activities.  An objective of professional development is to enhance faculty teaching skills and increase faculty discipline knowledge.  Full-time faculty are required to complete 12 professional development credits each year and adjunct faculty are required to complete 4 hours of professional development credits.  These credits can be obtained from either  workshops offered within the college, which are shown in the Workshop and Event Database, or external to the college, and supervisors are the ones who approve these credits.  Professional Development & Evaluation also hosts many large events throughout the year such as Fall General Assembly, Spring Development Day, Software Development Day and the Celebration of Great Teaching Retreat.

The Professional Development Activity Report, which is used to request external professional development credit, can be found at: and should be submitted to the Department Chair for approval prior to attending any external professional development.  For more information about professional development opportunities visit

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Professional Service

Professional Service is an element of the evaluation process that is required for full-time instructors and optional for adjunct instructors. It is a review of a wide range of non-teaching duties listed in the Faculty Evaluation Procedures Manual.

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Responsibilities of Full-time and Adjunct Faculty

Understanding and following the faculty evaluation procedures, click here for the procedure manual. 

Some aspects of the evaluation process may differ depending upon the current status of each faculty member. Please consult the Faculty and Staff Evaluation web page at for current information regarding the complete faculty evaluation process, portfolio requirements for each discipline, input forms, deadlines, and other up to date information.

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Responsibilities of Department Chair

Department Chairs play a critical role in the evaluation process, which is detailed in the Faculty Evaluation Procedures Manual.

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Responsibilities of Instructional Dean

Instructional Deans also play a role in the evaluation process, which is detailed in the Faculty Evaluation Procedures Manual.

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Student Evaluation of Faculty

In the fall term, students complete their evaluation materials in-class, according to a calendar distributed by the HR Evaluation office. A Student Monitor is responsible for returning the evaluation materials to the campus administrative office. Students in the Early College Start program also complete their evaluations in-class with a student monitor at their site. Students who participate in distance learning courses complete their evaluations at campus Testing Centers or online. Each mode of evaluation follows a specific process that is detailed in the Faculty Evaluation Procedures Manual.

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Use of Evaluations in Eligibility Lists

Information made available through the faculty evaluation process will be used by Department Chairs when making eligibility list placements.  Please refer to Administrative Rule 4.06.001 – Administration of Eligibility Lists.  

Exclusion from an eligibility list may occur due to low aggregate score, unacceptable results in the professional evaluation rating, a serious problem or reported incident, a violation of federal or state law or a significant classroom performance problem identified by the Department Chair.

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