Human Resources


A Brief History of Austin Community College

Absence Procedure for Faculty

Academic and Campus Affairs Council

Academic Freedom and Responsibility

Access to Personal Information



ADA Accommodations

Administrative Performance of Adjuncts

Admissions and Records

Advising Services

Assessment Services


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Board of Trustees

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Campus Duplication Services

Campus Services

Career Services / Job Placement

Change of Address, Telephone, Marital Status

Class Rolls

College Unity

Committee/Program Minutes

Computer Support

Computing Resources

Copyright and Fair Use

Copyright Ownership

Counseling Services

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Distance Learning

Drug Free Workplace Policy

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Employee Assistance Program

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

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Family and Medical Leave Act

Field Trips

Financial Aid Office

First Week of Classes

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General Information for All Employees

Guest Lecturers

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Harassment Prevention

Help Desk


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Inclement Weather

Input Forms

Instructional Design and Development

Institutional Effectiveness Assessment

Instructional Performance

Instructional Philosophy

Instructional Program Review

Instructional Support and Incentives

Instructional Technology Services

Internal Employee Associations

Internet Services

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Library Services

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Master Plan

Mission of the College

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Office for Student with Disabilities

Office Hours

Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability (OIEA)

Official Documentation

Organizational Charts

Organizational Reference

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Payment Schedules/Payroll

Policies and Procedures


Professional Development

Professional Development Credit

Professional Service

Publications by the College

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Requirements for All Faculty

Research Review Committee

Responsibilities of Department Chair

Responsibilities of Full-time and Adjunct Faculty

Responsibilities of Instructional Dean

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Sabbatical Leave

Salary Scale

Schedule of Classes

Standards of Conduct

State Regulatory Agency

Statement of Values and Ideals

Student Activities

Student Evaluation of Faculty

Support Center

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Telephone Services

Testing Center

Textbook and Supplies

Typing/Clerical Support

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Use of Evaluations in Eligibility Lists

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Word Processing Services

Worker's Compensation

Workload of Employees Retired Under Teachers Retirement System

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