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Master Plan

The ACC Master Plan is a multi-year, cohesive framework for focusing on student learning that reflects the priorities of the College and the strategies for accomplishing stated objectives. The Master Plan process is a shared governance function that elicits input from all areas of the institution through cross-functional cluster groups.  Faculty participate through the Credit Instruction Cluster Group and the Program Review process.

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Institutional Effectiveness Assessment

The effectiveness of College-wide goals is assessed through the College-wide Snapshot, which includes measures related to student access, student success, community service, and institutional support and efficiencies.  The College-wide Snapshot is updated annually.

At the discipline level, the effectiveness of disciplines is assessed through the Departmental Snapshot, which provides measures and data specific to the discipline.  The Departmental Snapshot includes a core group of measures related to student access, student success, and stewardship that is standard across all disciplines and some measures that are customized for the discipline.

Other assessments of effectiveness are conducted through the Instructional Program Review (IPR) for instructional programs and the Support Services Review (SSR) for administrative units every five years.  The IPR and SSR involve a data-based, reflective self study process that results in a self study report and/or an improvement plan.  The improvement plan is assessed and updated each year.

Assessment plans for assessing Student Learning Outcomes are entered and/or modified annually and monitored through a software program called CurricUNET.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability provides support and training to the college community in developing, updating, or evaluating assessment plans.

Department Chairs are responsible for timely documentation of the assessment plans for their disciplines into CurricUNET.

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Instructional Program Review

Instructional Program Review is a comprehensive process that requires programs to evaluate their performance based on criteria outlined in board policy and to make recommendations to improve the quality of the program. Each year, approximately 20 programs are scheduled to conduct a Program Review. Deans and Department Chairs are responsible for ensuring the timely completion of the program review.

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Research Review Committee

All requests to use Austin Community College students, faculty, staff, and/or data for research purposes must follow the research review process and be approved by the ACC Research Review Committee.  The procedures and required forms for the research review process are available at .  The Research Review Committee meets on a monthly basis to review, evaluate, and approve/disapprove research requests.

For more information, visit the Research Review web page at
Related Administrative Rule: 3.06.001 Research Proposals Made by Individuals.

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The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability (OIEA)

The purpose of The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability (OIEA) is to support institutional effectiveness and accountability by conducting institutional research and analysis to provide information for the college-wide decision support system. OIEA promotes and coordinates college-wide planning; assessment; continuous quality improvement; reporting to state, federal, and accrediting agencies; and the use of accurate and accessible information in a professional and ethical manner.

The OIEA conducts surveys, provides data for instructional program review, publishes ACC’s Fact Book, and provides other reports and services, including assistance with planning and assessment activities.  For a list of all publications and information see

The Information Portal System (TIPS)

The Information Portal System, TIPS, is an interactive, online reporting system that was
developed by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability (OIEA) to provide
accurate and accessible data to the college community. TIPS is a menu-driven reporting
interface that contains data from ACC’s Datatel system as well as state and national databases
(e.g. THECB, National Clearinghouse).

All faculty, full-time and adjunct, may request access to TIPS by completing the access request
form located on the TIPS website.

TIPS can be found directly at or by going to the OIEA home page
( and selecting TIPS from the OIEA Quick Links
drop down field in the left hand tool bar.

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