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Interview Tips
  • At Austin Community College, interviews are done by search committees. Members of the search committee may include the hiring manager, future colleagues and members of other departments.
  • Visit the ACC website and look for information about the institution and pertinent information that is related to the job you are applying for. For example, if applying for a staff position in admissions you may want to look up information about enrollment numbers, dates, especial events, etc.
  • Be prepared to answer questions on which you will have to provide examples of your behavior when dealing with certain situations.
  • It’s also useful to practice the answers to some of the questions which you expect to be asked during the interview, that way you will be better able to answer them. You may want to print the job description and draw up a list of the various skills and experience they are looking for. Jot down some points you’d like to cover if they ask the question. You don’t have to memorize your answers but by spending a little time on this beforehand you will have some great answers fresh in your mind.
  • Have a positive attitude, if you don’t think you’ll get the job the chances are you won’t. Nobody likes arrogance but put yourself in the interviewer’s head - you would go for the confident interviewee who is able to positively deal with various tasks, departments, issues, etc.
  • It’s inevitable during the interview that you are going to be asked some tough questions. Often it’s how you react to these more probing questions that will affect the outcome of the interview. Most strong candidates should be able to answer the easy questions without too much trouble; if you are able to answer the more difficult questions you will make a much better impression. Often it’s easier to respond to these difficult questions by asking a follow up question. It gives you more time to answer and it shows you a keenness to answer as best you can.


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