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Note: You have to select the state and local government employees section once you access the website.


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A 15% discount on any quoted application or website development project for ACC Employees. 



Save up to 12% off, Member ID US15137356
To order by phone, call a Dell sales representative at 1-800-695-8133 to assist you with your purchase. If calling, please be sure to mention your Member ID to ensure you get your special discount


(a division of PC Connection)

Discount Varies

Note: Contact Chad Fettig at (800) 800-0019 ext. 75029, for details and to place your orders.


Discount Varies

Note: Visit the vendor's website to register as an eligble customer and find special deals on a wide variety of popular software

Microsoft Office Software

Home Use Program (HUP)

This program enables you to get a licensed copy of most Microsoft® Office desktop PC applications to install and use on your home computer.

To access the Microsoft HUP Website:

1. Go to
2. Select the country to which you want your order to be shipped to and choose the language for viewing the order Website.
3. Enter your corporate e-mail address & insert the following program code: 6D531F35FE

4. Place your order online, & it will be shipped to the location you have chosen. Please note that a fulfillment fee will be charged to cover packaging, shipping, and handling costs.

Note: The program code is assigned to our organization for our sole use in accessing this site. You may not share this number with anyone outside our organization.

That Computer Store

Computer Store

10 %-25 % discount