Human Resources - Riverbats Employee Bravo Awards

The ACC Employee Recognition Program

Have you “caught an employee doing something good” and want to recognize that person? Recognize our valuable employees and show them how much you appreciate their dedication and service. Nominate staff, faculty or administrator for the Riverbats Bravo Awards Program.

The Riverbats Bravo Award is designed to recognize faculty, staff, and administrators from each campus whose outstanding service supports ACC’s goals, mission and values and reflect the excellence, teamwork, and professionalism that support an individual campus. Recognize employees that exemplify noteworthy customer service, good morale-building, excellent integrity, and high-quality results. Riverbats Bravo nominees serve specific campuses, but they model excellence for us all.

Level I
Riverbat BRAVO Award

Level II
Riverbat EXCELLENCE Award

Level III

Thank you for using our Riverbat Awards Program to formally recognize valuable employees in the ACC Community. Nominate an employee by completing the online form or brochure.

For more information contact Linda Johnson in Human Resources at or visit the HR website.