Human Resources



Q1. What is the Riverbats Bravo Award?

The Riverbats Bravo Award Program is an easy way to recognize employees “caught doing something good”, whose outstanding service supports ACC’s goals, mission and values and reflects the excellence, teamwork, and professionalism that support and individual campus and model excellence for us all.

Q2. Who is eligible for the Riverbats Bravo Award?

Staffing table staff, faculty, adjunct, and administrators

Q3. Are hourly employees eligible for the Riverbats Bravo Award?

Staffing table, faculty, adjunct, and administrator employees are eligible to participate in the program.

Q4. Who can nominate an employee for the Riverbats Bravo Award?

All Staff, Faculty, Adjunct, Administrators, or students

Q5. How do I nominate an employee?

Nominations are open from September 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013. You may submit a nomination by completing the electronic form on the website at or complete a tear card located in the campus manager’s office.

Q6. What is the difference between the Riverbats Bravo Award, and Riverbats Excellence Award?

All Bravo award nominations collected during September-May will automatically be eligible for the Excellence Award. Employees must be nominated for the bravo award in order to be eligible for the excellence award. An employee cannot be nominated for the Excellence award without first being nominated for the Bravo award.