ACC Career Connections Program

TexasCares Overview

TexasCares, through the Texas Workforce Commission, helps you explore the many opportunities in today’s workplace.

You can consider:

  • Self-Assessment: Sort cards on the Work Importance Locator regarding your work values and learn about jobs that relate to your highest work values. Answer questions on the interest profiler to obtain a list of jobs related to your interests.
  • Skills Transferability: Identify your current or recent job to discover a list of jobs that are similar in ability, knowledge, or activities to your current position.
  • Exploring Work: This is a step-by-step approach in career exploration starting with answering questions regarding your choice of career cluster, training, interest, gender, earnings, growth, knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Career Clusters: Select a career cluster and then a specific position. Information about the training, knowledge/skills/abilities, tasks, work values, labor market, and Texas openings can be reviewed.
  • Occupational Info: By entering key words, a specific career along with the details can be obtained.
  • Hot Shots: Information about jobs that are fastest growing, with the most openings, highest paying, declining, hottest in Texas, or related to science and math can be identified.