Human Resources - Professional Development and Evaluation Programs

To tap into Professional Development workshops that are wellness related go to and look for the workshops that begin with WELL. All these workshops are free to employees.


How to Quit and Make it Stick, 6/30/09, 12-1 pm, HBC Room 301.0
How to Quit and Make it Stick, 7/14/09, 12-1 pm, SAC Room 1130

ACC Continuing Education also has workshops that can help faculty and staff. Look under Community Programs. Employees can use their vouchers when taking a class. Call 223-7542 for more information.

ACC Credit Classes can also be taken with a voucher, although unless you are auditing a class, homework and exam must be taken. To audit a class, sign up during the last day of registration.

Tips:To access fitness related classes, look through the kinesiology area.
To access courses on nutrition, look in the biology area.