Human Resources - Compensation
Termination Guidelines

Voluntary terminations are those initiated by the employee, while involuntary terminations are initiated by ACC. Discharging or encouraging an employee to resign is a sensitive matter for employees and supervisors alike. ACC makes every effort to provide employees the opportunity to improve their performance in accordance with ACC policy before considering termination of employment. There are circumstances, however, which requires immediate action and termination is the end result.

An employee who resigns voluntarily is asked to provide as much advance notice as possible (no less than two weeks notice is desirable). The employee should submit a written notice to the supervisor specifying the last day of employment and address for future correspondence. This notice should be forwarded to HR Records so that it can be placed in the employee’s personnel file. The supervisor completes an Employee Separation form through the ACCeHire system. The supervisor should request that the employee contact HR Benefits to terminate/continue benefit provisions. The employee will be expected to comply with ACC policies regarding termination and an exit interview.

Employees who decide to retire from ACC are asked to provide at least three (3) months notice of retirement in order to provide for benefits analysis, retirement planning, and counseling. This notice should be forwarded to HR Records so that it can be placed in the employee’s personnel file. The supervisor will need to complete an Employee Separation form online through ACCeHire system. Retiring employees should also notify HR Benefits of their retirement date.

Involuntary terminations must comply with ACC’s policies including AR#6.08.001, AR#6.08.002, and Board Policy F-8 Due Process Requirements for Employment Termination. Once the decision has been made and approval secured to terminate an employee, the hiring supervisor or administrator should contact the Vice President of Human Resources to discuss the reasons for termination. To ensure compliance with ACC policy and applicable laws, the Vice President of Human Resources must review and approve any disciplinary action memo and/or the letter of termination.

Upon termination of an hourly employee, the supervisor is expected to end an assignment for hourly employees on-line on the PA web page.

A Separation form is required for Staffing Table employees online through the ACCeHire system. Submission will trigger the paperwork to post the vacant position.

Employees that do not complete the initial period of employment successfully, may be terminated at the end of the period upon recommendation of the immediate supervisor.

Employees are required to settle all debts with ACC before they leave, including expense and travel reports. Employees must also return any ACC property including keys, tools, computers, cell phones, etc. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that termination of employment is conducted in accordance with ACC policies and that ACC property is obtained from the employee.

The supervisor must also ensure that the employee’s final eTimesheet has been submitted and approved prior to the termination date. Payroll will issue the final paycheck (and any vacation pay) after the assignment has been ended and the final timesheet has been approved.