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Breaks and Meals

Full-time non-faculty Staffing Table employees receive a one-hour lunch period and two 15-minute breaks in an eight (8) hour day. One break may be taken in the morning and another in the afternoon. Employees must have an hour off for their lunch break. Break times and the lunch hour will be scheduled by the supervisor and may be subject to change based upon departmental needs. Employees may not combine break periods to extend lunch or skip breaks or lunch to leave work early.

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Change of Employee Personal Information

Any personal status changes affecting record keeping or your employee benefits must be reported to the Office of Human Resources, Records Section in a timely manner. These changes include change of address, telephone, and/or marital status. An employee may change his or her information through Employee Online Services. The employee may also designate whether he or she wants personal information to be public or private through this websiteFor assistance, contact HR Records, 223-7571.

It is also recommended that employees update any personal information changes with Employee Retirement System (ERS) at and with the Teacher’s Retirement System (TRS) at, as appropriate.

The College is not liable for the dissemination of relevant employment information if the employee does not report changes in a timely manner.

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Employee Classifications

ACC has a job classification system designed to provide a basis for administering a uniform job classification and compensation program. All Staffing Table positions have been evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the classification program and are assigned an appropriate pay grade. Each pay grade is dependent on factors such as skill level required, experience and education required, degree of job complexity, scope of responsibility, and supervisory functions. Placementwithin any given pay graderelate to experience. Staffing table employees include administrators, non-exempt (classified), exempt (prof-tech), and full-time faculty.

The categories of employees are:

  • Executives – President
  • Administrators – includes, Executive Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Associate Vice Presidents, Provosts, Deans, and some Directors
  • Exempt Staff (Professional/Technical) – includes Analysts, some Coordinators, Managers, some Specialists, Staff Interpreters, Supervisors
  • Non-Exempt Staff (Classified) – includes Administrative Assistants, Building Attendants, Clerks, Library Assistants, Technical Staff Assistants, some Technicians, etc.
  • Faculty – includes Counselors, Librarians, and teaching faculty
  • Adjunct Faculty – includes part-time instructors who are employed on a term basis. Adjunct faculty are not considered Staffing Table employees.
  • Adult Education (AE) Instructors—includes instructors of ESL, GED, and Adult Learning

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Compensatory Time for Exempt Employees

Compensatory time (also known as “Comp time”) for Exempt (Professional-Technical) employees will be given after a 40 hour work week at the rate one hour comp time per hours worked over 40 hours. Compensatory time must have prior supervisory approval. The supervisor is responsible for tracking compensatory time for his or her employees.

The Administrative Rule is located at and the guidelines are located at

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Emergency Fund

The College does not make salary advances or have a fund to assist an employee that encounters a personal or family emergency. The Full-Time Faculty Senate, the Classified Employee's Association (ACCEA), and the Association of Professional-Technical Employees (APTE) each have their own Emergency Funds. For more information, see

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Job (Salary) Placement

The Office of Human Resources, Compensation Section, is responsible for conducting staffing table placements and extending all offers of employment. Placement on the salary scales withinthe appropriate pay gradewill be based on qualifications and paid work experience. Compensation staff will coordinate the start date with the supervisors, and schedule orientation for the new employee. All benefit-eligible employees are required to attend an orientation conducted by the Office of Human Resources.

      Classifications of non-faculty positions are authorized in Administrative Rule 6.05.005 located at

      Full-Time Faculty Placement. Full-time faculty are placed on the Full-Time Faculty Salary Scale commensurate with teaching and/or work experience and education. Credentials and documentation must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources in accordance with Administrative Rule 6.05.002 located at

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Hourly Personnel

ACC is committed to managing its operations with regular, full-time Staffing Table employees. However, there may be times when it is necessary to hire temporary employees to supplement the work needs. Hourly employees may be hired as temporary employees to work on a project basis, to substitute for employees on an extended, approved leave of absence or when the workload exceeds the ability of the regular staff to accomplish the work on a timely and quality basis. Hourly employees are at-will and may be terminated at anytime, without notice, without cause. Generally an hourly employee is one who works fewer than 19 hours per week and may not be hired for more than 900 hours per academic year. If an Hourly employee works 20 hours per week, the employee may not work more than 4.5 months. Hourly employees are not eligible for benefits. See Administrative Rule 6.05.006, Employment of Hourly Personnel, located at Hourly employees are subject to all ACC policies and procedures. For employment purposes, hourly employees may apply for internal postings. 

Since hourly employees are hired to supplement ACC’s operations, if an hourly employee is no longer needed, fails to report to work or does not meet the performance requirements of a position, the employee may be immediately terminated, without prior notice.

For guidelines, see

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Hours of Work

Generally, regular, non-faculty full-time Staffing Table employees are expected to work eight (8) hours per day and forty (40) hours per week. Overtime for Non-Exempt Staff (Classified) employees must be approved by the supervisor prior to incurring the overtime. Compensatory time for exempt (professional-technical) employees must also be approved by the supervisor prior to working it.Hourly employees are assigned work hours by the immediate supervisor and should not incur overtime. All employees are required to report their time in the ACC eTime System.

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Identification Cards

Faculty and Staff are required to have an ACC Employment Identification Card (ID) to utilize various labs and testing centers on campuses, check out Library materials and receive discounts at ACC Book Stores. Employees may also be asked to present an ACC ID to utilize services in the campus duplication offices. The Employment office distributes Identification Cards for all new Faculty, Adjunct, Exempt (Professional-Technical), and Non-Exempt (Classified) employees. New Exempt (Professional-Technical) and Non-Exempt (Classified) employees will have the opportunity to take a picture and obtain an IDthree (3) days from the first day of employment. Hourly employees may obtain a written memo from the immediate supervisor permitting the employee to temporarily utilize College services for a specific purpose and time period.

All ACC employees may obtain Employee Photo ID cards at the Highland Business Center, in the Office of Employment and Outreach Service, 6th floor, Human Resources.  Photos Id’s can be obtained Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. 

In order to obtain an ID, Employees must present a government/state distributed picture identification card i.e. a driver’s license.  Employees must also provide a Datatel account number or the last 4 digits of their Social Security number.

An ACC ID card will be necessary to use the Library Services at each campus. Your ACC ID card, along with a photo ID should be used to checkout items.

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Initial Period of Employment

All non-faculty employees hired in staffing table positions are on probation during their first 180-days (6 months). This is referred to as the “initial period of employment”.  If new employees do not successfully complete the initial period of employment, the employee may be subject to termination, without a stated reason and without notice. Employees will be notified by the immediate supervisor prior to the end of the initial period of employment whether their employment will be continued. During the initial period of employment, non-faculty Staffing Table employees may not be considered for other positions within ACC. The new employee must successfully complete the initial period of employment before transferring to another position.

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Position Classification

The Compensation Section, Office of Human Resources is responsible for the classification system, its implementation and processes.  Job Descriptions are created based on the scope of responsibilities.  They are assigned to job families at appropriate pay grades. 

Each year during the budget process, a supervisor may request that a position be re-evaluated if the position duties and responsibilities have changed significantly. The immediate supervisor and appropriate administrators must approve a request before the evaluation is conducted.

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Job Description

The College maintains a job description for each position. The term “job description” refers to a collection of responsibilities that basically constitute your work assignment. It describes the basic functions in general termsof your position and tasks performed. Job descriptions also contain minimum or required qualifications needed to perform the job. Because many employees fulfill identical or similar responsibilities they, in essence, will have the same job description. Job Descriptions are available on the Office of Human Resources web site at

Supervisors are encouraged to work with employees and HR Compensation to develop a “position description” for each individual’s job. The position description lists the specific job duties that are expected of an employee in a position and may include the duties of the job description.

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Job Openings

In order to ensure a competitive hiring process and to give all employees the opportunity to be considered for upward career progression, all benefits-eligible positions are posted through the Office of Human Resources. Interested employees are encouraged to apply for any job for which he or she meets the required qualifications. Positions posted internally are open to all current employees, including hourly employees. When a current ACC employee applies for another position within ACC and is offered the position, the employee shall be subject to the 180-day initial period of employment probation in the new position. Employees may get information on current position vacancies by calling Dial-A-Job at 223-5621 or at

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Change of Employee Status

Employees selected for other positions within ACC will be placed at the appropriate level/step for the new position based upon the position requirements. A two-week notice is generally required if an employee is selected for a position and is moving to another ACC department. The departments may mutually agree upon a transfer date. Accumulated leave and other ACC benefits are not affected when an employee moves from one position to another position that is within the same classification, unless the position states the differences (such as grant positions or moving from staffing table to faculty, etc.).

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Open Records Act/Access to Employee Personal Information

ACC employees are governed by the rules and regulations of the Texas Open Records Act that calls for public access to the records of the College. Section 3A of the Act states that an employee may choose whether or not to allow public access to their home address and home telephone number. The Act states, “If the ...employee’s choice is to NOT allow public access to their home address and phone number, the information will not be given out. If an employee...does not indicate a choice...the information is subject to public access.” College policy is Administrative Rule 3.03.013 located at

To restrict distribution of an employee’s personal information, the employee must complete the Change of Information form that can be completed online at .

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Personnel Records

Official personnel records are maintained in the Office of Human Resources, Records Section. Your file is a history of your employment with ACC. It contains copies of official documents related to your employment including the employment application, compensation information, commendations or awards, transcripts, performance evaluations and important benefits documents.

The Vice President of Human Resources is responsible for maintaining separate files regarding employee grievances, EEOC complaints, confidential benefits information and litigation.

HR Benefits is responsible for maintaining confidential employee records regarding benefits, certain types of leave, and any medical reports required by the College. Access to these files is on a “need to know” basis.

Supervisors may maintain a personnel department file on each employee. The file may contain:

  • Employment information
  • Compensation and performance management documents and information
  • Information regarding grievances
  • Time/Leave Reports
  • Correspondence regarding the employee or to/from the employee

You have the right to examine your personnel file at any time during normal working hours by making an appointment with the HR Records Section. Requests for hard copies of documents must be made in writing. Personnel Records may be accessed by other employees and supervisors only in the course of performing College related duties. Access to medical, benefits, and immigration records will be provided only on a need-to-know basis in accordance with applicable laws.

Individuals who are not employees of ACC may have access to information in the main personnel files through an Open Records Act request. Requests must be submitted to the Executive Director of Public Information and Media Relations.

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Position Title

All positions are designated by titles on all official records, payroll records, and official communications. No position will carry an official title that has not been approved by the Vice President of Human Resources and adopted in the Annual Operating Budget. Supervisors may request approval of the Vice President, Office Human Resources to use “functional” titles for exceptional reasons.

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Employees that terminate employment and return to ACC are subject to the following rules:

Break-in-Service Greater than 12 Months: If an employee is rehired after a break in service greater than 12 months, he/she will be treated as a new hire for placement, compensation and benefits purposes.

Break-in-Service Less than 12 Months: If an employee is rehired after a break in service of 12 months or less and is rehired in the same title held prior to the break in service:

  • the employee will be placed at the level/step held prior to the break in service.
  • the employee’s vacation accrual rate will be reinstated to the rate held prior to the break in service and the employee’s unused sick leave hours prior to the break will be reinstated.
  • the employee’s insurance benefits will be reinstated in accordance with GBP regulations.
  • all other benefits will be reinstated to the level they were at prior to the break in service.

If an employee is rehired after a break in service of 12 months or less and is rehired in a different classification from that previously held, the employee will have a new placement completed by HR Compensation. All benefits will be reinstated to the level they were at prior to the break-in service; however, the employee will be treated as a new hire for placement and compensation purposes.

If an employee is hired into the same title after a break in service of 12 months or less, the employee will be placed at the same level/step held prior to the break in service. Rehire into a different title or classification will result in a new placement.

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Temporary Assignment Pay

Temporary Assignment Pay provides compensation for Non-Exempt (Classified) and Exempt (Professional/Technical) employees who assume significant additional responsibilities at equal or higher level classifications on a temporary basis, and to ensure consistency in compensating employees.  When it becomes necessary to assign significant additional duties to an employee that requires skills of a higher job classification, or a set of skills outside the scope of the employee’s permanent position at an equal classification level, on a temporary basis, Temporary Assignment Pay may be recommended by the immediate supervisor following the guidelines located at

Temporary Assignment Pay may be approved for a period of one to six months within a fiscal year. If a temporary assignment lasts up to six (6) months, the immediate supervisor should conduct an assessment and make a recommendation to the next level supervisor (prior to the end of the six month period) whether to request an extension of the Temporary Assignment Pay, or fill the position on a regular basis. A temporary assignment extension must be approved by the Vice President, HR.

For assistance contact HR Compensation at 223-7502.

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Time Reports

All Staffing Table employees are expected to report their work time in the online Electronic Time Report (“ACC eTime”).

The objective of ACC eTime is to:

  • Provide a tool for effective time input for all levels of employees;
  • Minimize the time spent reporting an employee’s work time;
  • Increase the accuracy of time reporting;
  • Implement a system for automatic deduction of employee leave;
  • Reduce manual payroll processes;
  • Allow supervisors to review and approve employee time reports; and
  • Implement payroll controls to achieve organizational goals.

If you need assistance, contact the Payroll Manager, Ext. 37527 or a Payroll staff member or review the procedures at

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Transfers are used to facilitate movement of employees within the same job classification and involve no change in salary. All transfer positions must be posted. The hiring supervisor shall consider first the applications of those employees in the same job classification as the position posted and interview these candidates. If there is a qualified candidate, the supervisor may select the best-qualified candidate and follow the regular hiring procedures. If there is no internal qualified applicant (in the same job classification), the hiring supervisor may consider other internal or external applicants.

Reassignments are used to facilitate lateral movement (same job classification and title) within the same budgetary authority and may not result in a promotion. Reassignments are not posted positions. Reassignments may be made at the discretion of the supervisor and approved by the next level of supervision.

Transfers/reassignments may be either voluntary or involuntary when determined to be in the best interests of the College. Minimum requirements for a voluntary transfer/reassignment are that the employee:

  1. has been in current position at least three (3) months; and
  2. has a satisfactory performance record with no disciplinary action during the preceding six-month period.

A minimum two-week notice is generally required if you are transferring to another department. The two departments may mutually agree upon exceptions. Accumulated leave and other ACC benefits are not affected by transfers/reassignments. Grant employees are subject to the terms and conditions of the grant, therefore some restrictions may apply.

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