Human Resources - Employee Handbook


ACC eTime System: Automated on-line system for reporting worked and leave time.

ACCMPP: Austin Community College Money Purchase Plan. Retirement plan for Adjunct Faculty, Hourly and 90-day State mandated delay to retirement.

Base Period/Base Year: The semesters which comprise the year of contact hours of instruction which the State uses to develop its funding formula for public colleges and universities.

Base Salary: An employee’s annual salary that excludes overtime, incidental assignments and any part- time teaching assignments.

Benefits Eligible Employees: Employees who are in annually budgeted positions (sometimes referred to as Staffing Table Positions) and who meet TRS eligibility criteria.

Closing the Gaps: State initiative to increase college-going rate in Texas.

Contact Hours: The actual number of hours of instruction. Example: A 3-credit hour class, with no labs, such as English Composition, U.S. History, Texas Government meets for 45-48 hours per semester.

ECS: Early College Start Program designed to allow eligible high school students to earn college credit while still in high school (dual credit, co-enrollment, credit in escrow/tech-prep).

ERS: Refers to Employee Retirement System.

eTimesheet: Document used to record hours worked and hours off in the ACC eTime System.

Hourly Employees: Employees who work less than half time and do not meet TRS eligibility criteria. Hourly employees are hired on a temporary basis and are at-will employees.

In-House Position: A position vacancy that is restricted to current staffing table employees, i.e., employees receiving benefits.

ORP: Refers to the Texas Optional Retirement Program, a personal retirement program offered to faculty and other eligible employees in lieu of TRS.

Part-time Employee: Employees in an annually budgeted (staffing table) position who work less than 100%.

Pay Cycle: The schedule for dates when paychecks are issued.

PEP: Performance Excellence Program – the performance evaluation program for Non-Exempt (Classified), Exempt (Professional-Technical), and Administrative employees.

Personnel Authorization (PA): Document used to authorize employment. It contains salary information, duration of employment authorization and other pertinent information.

Position Number: A unique number assigned to each annually budgeted (staffing table) position.

RRHEC: Round Rock Higher Education Center, a facility owned by Texas State University at San Marcos, where ACC offers classes. Formerly known as MITC (Multi-Institution Teaching Center).

SACS: The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools is the College’s accreditation body.

Salary Schedule: Pay rates approved by the Board of Trustees for each fiscal year.

Semester Credit Hour: A unit of measure of instruction consisting of 60 minutes of which 50 minutes must be direct instruction.

Staffing Table Position: An annually budgeted position including full-time faculty, Non-Exempt (Classified), and Exempt (Professional-Technical) employees that are eligible for benefits. Hourly and adjunct faculty are not included as staffing table employees.

THECB: Refers to The Higher Education Coordinating Board.

TRS: Refers to the Teacher Retirement System.


TRS: Vesting refers to the period of time required for an employee to have some “ownership” rights in TRS, i.e., receive a monthly annuity after retirement. The time required to vest under TRS is currently five years of TRS service credit. Once vested, a member of TRS has a right to retirement benefits upon reaching the retirement age established by TRS. This right exists even if the vested member terminates employment prior to reaching retirement age. Withdrawal of employee contributions negates all vesting rights under TRS.
ORP: Vesting refers to a participant’s ownership rights to the employer portion of the contributions. The ORP vesting period is one year (12 cumulative months) with vesting status conferred on the first day of the second academic year of participation.

Years of Service: Consecutive years of employment at ACC in an annually budgeted (staffing table) position less any break in service.

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