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Credit Union Information

Austin Community College is a member of the Austin Area Teachers’ Federal Credit Union. As an employee, you are eligible to join. For information about services and accounts available, please contact the Credit Union.

Austin Area Teacher’s Federal Credit Union


            Central………………………..…..6420 U.S. Highway 290 East………….(512) 302-6800

            Austin, Texas 78723

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Deductions from Pay
All deductions from an employee’s paycheck shall be made in accordance with applicable law, and, when required, the employee’s consent. Deductions will be made from employee’s wages in the following order: amounts owed to the College, Federal and State taxes, IRS levies, authorized garnishments and deductions (child support, garnishment, and assignment of wages as requested by the employee or Court Order). Employees shall be required to complete all necessary forms as may be required by the College or by law.

When an employee’s check is to be garnished in accordance with a Court Order or state law, the employee will be notified of the fact that the garnishment has been received and the effective start date. To terminate any garnishment, the employee is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate paperwork is submitted to HR Payroll. When a garnishment is received from more than one source, the funds will be paid (to the extent that they are available) to each of the creditors in the order in which notification was received.

Employees must consent to the following deductions: payment of health insurance premiums, contributions to a mandated retirement plan (ORP, ACCMPP, TRS); contributions to another voluntary, approved investment fund (TSA, TDA, 457, etc.); repayment of payroll advances/overpayments or payments to a third party.

If an employee terminates employment owing the College funds, the employee may not be re-hired until the obligation has been cleared. To terminate any garnishment, the employee is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate paperwork is submitted to HR Payroll.

Stop Pay/Reissuing Pay Check

As of September 1st, 2007 ACC will charge a $25 fee for placing a stop payment or reissuing a Payroll Check.

Multiple Unclaimed Payroll Checks

It has been decided that if an employee’s name appears on the Unclaimed Payroll Check’s list more than one time, the employee will be required to apply for Direct Deposit.

When an employee does not claim a check, it takes time to track the check and notify the employee as well as staff time to reconcile our payable accounts to ensure that our accounting operations are accurate.

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Direct Deposit

ACC has mandatory, direct deposit of paychecks for all new employees. Employees may elect to have their paychecks deposited to any bank or credit union of their choice in the continental United States. An Authorization Agreement Form for Direct Deposit must be signed and sent to Payroll upon hire. It will take approximately two pay cycles to start your direct deposit. You may have multiple accounts for direct deposit.

If an employee changes his or her bank or credit union or closes an account, the employee must complete another Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit form and submit it to Payroll upon hire. Changes may take up to two pay cycles to be effective. The Direct Deposit form is located on the HR web site at If an employee leaves the college and returns, the previous Direct Deposit form remains active unless the employee notifies Payroll to cancel the Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit remains in force until Payroll receives an Authorization form to change it. It is the responsibility of the employee to notify Payroll regarding any change that affects direct deposit.

The Direct Deposit benefits and the link for the enrollment can be found at

Benefits of Direct Deposit:

  • Convenience: No special trips to the campus to pick up and then deposit checks.
  • Freedom: Payments are automatically deposited to your account, even if you are traveling, on vacation or ill.
  • Savings: No check cashing fees.  Many banks offer free checking and other incentives for employees using direct deposit.
  • Timeliness:  Earnings information is available on Employee Online Services a day before payday at
  • Peace of Mind: No worries about mail delays or having checks lost or stolen.
  • Option of Direct Deposit to Checking or Savings or multiple accounts
  • Prompt Payment: Deposits are credited on payday.

Distribution of Paychecks

Paychecks are delivered to Campus Managers’ Offices and to HBC on all regular days. They are available for employees’ pick up by 11 a.m. on those days.
Paychecks that have not been claimed after two (2) full weeks will be returned to the Service Center Cashier’s Office.

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Holiday Pay

The Board of Trustees approves the number of holidays each year. Holidays are listed on the ACC Academic Calendar. Non-Exempt (Classified) employees who are required to work on an official ACC holiday will receive regular rate of pay for all hours worked on the holiday in addition to receiving holiday pay for all hours worked on the holiday. Holiday pay shall be the standard rate of pay based on eight hours per day for full-time emploees and pro-rated for part-time employees. If an employee works more than 40 hours a week for a holiday period, the employee shall be paid time and one half for any hours worked over the forty hours per week.

An employee who works for the College both as a Classified employee and hourly employee will be paid the holiday rate of his/her Staffing Table position.

Exempt (Professional/Technical) employees receive compensatory time at the rate of one-hour comp time for each hour of holiday time worked.

An employee who is on leave without pay (not in a paid status) is not eligible for Holiday Pay. To qualify for Spring Break or Winter Break Holiday Pay, an employee must be in a paid status for at least ten (10) working days prior to the break.

For information see

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Overtime Pay

ACC follows provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Employees in executive, administrative and exempt (professional/technical) positions are exempt from the Act and are not eligible to receive overtime pay for hours worked beyond the regular workweek.

Non-Exempt (Classified) employees (office, clerical and technical positions) are non-exempt positions under the Act. When employees in these categories are required to work overtime (hours in excess of 40 hours per week), they are entitled to receive overtime pay at the rate of one and one-half times the regular rate of pay. The standard work week is 40 hours within a consecutive seven-day period beginning at 12:01 a.m. Sunday and ending at 12:00 midnight on the following Saturday. Only hours actually worked will count toward the computation of overtime pay. All overtime must have prior approval by your supervisor. (See

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Pay Schedules

ACC employees are paid either bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the job category. Your supervisor can tell you which pay cycle applies to your position.

  1. Non-Exempt (Classified) employees (office, clerical or technical positions) that are paid bi-weekly will be paid on alternate Fridays. If Friday is a holiday, you will receive your check the last workday preceding the holiday.
  2. Non-Exempt (Classified) employees (office, clerical or technical positions) that are paid monthly will be paid on the last workday of each month.
  3. Executive, Administrative and Exempt (Professional/Technical) employees, adjunct and full-time faculty are generally paid on the last workday of each month.

The salary schedules for each classification are located on the HR web site at

The pay schedules are located on the Office of Human Resources web site at

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Salary Increases

Austin Community College Board of Trustees reviews annually the compensation pay plan and budget. If salary increases are awarded, they become effective September 1. (Board Policy F-10, Employee Compensation –

ACC Employees who are in a probationary status due to unsatisfactory work performance on September 1st of any given year are not eligible for salary increases.

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Supplemental Payroll Checks

Supplemental payrolls are extra payrolls processed for employees that do not get paid on the regular payroll run. The supervisor is responsible for ensuring that employees accurately and timely complete their timesheets. When an employee does not get paid on the scheduled payroll, a Supplemental Check Request form must be completed by the department supervisor. This form can be found at

Supplemental Check Request forms must be completed and signed by the immediate supervisor then sent to the next level supervisor for required signatures. This form with the required signatures is due in HR Records by 5pm the Monday prior to the scheduled supplemental run. Supplemental payrolls are generally run on Wednesdays after bi-weekly payrolls. The Supplemental Pay Schedule is located at

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ACC eTime System

ACC eTime is the online electronic timekeeping system used by all ACC employees except adjunct faculty members. The login screen for the eTime System is located on the web at the following address:

Instructions for the eTimesheet system may be found at the following HR web address:

Non-Exempt (Classified) and Hourly employees must enter both their time worked in hours and time absent (leave time) for each day. Exempt (Professional-Technical) and Administrative employees and Full-Time Faculty members must enter only absences.

Non-Exempt (Classified) and Hourly Employees

  • For most pay periods, the eTimesheet must be completed and “Submitted” by the employee deadline.
  • Supervisors must “Approve” eTimesheets for all their employees by Wednesday at midnight, following the end of the biweekly pay period.
  • During holiday periods there may be earlier submission and approval dates for the eTimesheets. Please refer to the Pay Day Schedules/Holidays available on the HR Payroll web site at the following address:
  • Total hours worked cannot exceed 40 hours per week, unless the employee has received prior approval from his or her supervisor.
  • Approved overtime hours are paid at 1.5 times the regular hourly rate of pay, and are calculated only on hours actually worked over 40 hours per week.

Administrative, Exempt (Professional-Technical) and Full-Time Faculty

Employees report leave time in ACC eTime. The employee must submit his or her timesheet (whether or not he or she has taken leave). The supervisor must approve the leave   report in the ACC eTime System by the deadline date. Any leave taken must be recorded indicating the date(s) of the leave, number of hours, and the code for the type of leave.

Adjunct Faculty

            Adjunct faculty members are paid based upon the course assignment in Datatel. The Dean is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the assignments and the employee’s pay. Adjunct faculty do not report time worked or leave taken on a timesheet.

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