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Departments and Human Resources work together to continuously seek out new adjunct instructors to establish a broad and diverse pool of available instructors. Special efforts are made to identify adjuncts for "hard to fill" courses, introductory level college courses, areas where more than 33% of the adjuncts have taught at the maximum course load, areas where exceptions to course load limits were granted in the previous year, and departments that need additional faculty.

Posting Adjunct Job Teaching Opportunities
Adjunct teaching opportunities must be advertised on the ACC website in order for applicants to apply for the adjunct candidate pool. Applicants apply online through ACC’s user friendly online ACCe-Hire application system. Applicants only have the ability to apply for the adjunct candidate pool for disciplines that have posted job openings. Departments may contact HR Employment at 223-7534 or 223-7573 to request adjunct job postings or the removal of an adjunct job posting.

Online Application Process 
Applicants view job opportunities on the ACC website and apply online via the internet through the ACCe-hire system for adjunct teaching opportunities. Each applicant will be required to have a personal e-mail address in order to register for an ACC-e-Hire Application user account. 
Adjunct instructors who have taught at ACC and havedeparted from the College for more than a year must reapply for the adjunct candidate pool of instructors.

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Applicants seeking adjunct instructor opportunities must contact their educational institutions to request that  their transcript be mailed directly to the ACC’s Employment Office. Applicants must request the transcript that has the awarded degree that qualifies them for the teaching position. Only one set of transcripts are needed when applying for multiple positions. Applications submitted for adjunct positions will be reviewed only after the official transcript is mailed directly from an education institution. Hand delivered transcripts, fax copies and transcripts mailed by the applicant are not accepted. Education institutions should mail transcripts to the Highland Business Center, Attn: E.M. Breedlove, 5930 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin, TX 78752.

Scanned Transcripts Materials  
HR Records scans official transcripts and transcript evaluations in Fortis Transcript Scan System. HR Records conducts Fortis training for all instructional Deans and provides each with access to the Fortis Transcript Scan system.  Deans may review transcripts on-line and/or print each transcript. Deans are  responsible for retrieving transcripts of returning and current instructors to bused in the evaluation of applications. Deans must recertify  the credentials of returning Adjuncts who have departed from ACC for more than a year.

Foreign Transcripts
An applicant who has a degree earned from educational institutions located outside of the United States is required to have their transcripts evaluated by a recognized credential evaluation service prior to applying for the adjunct candidate pool.  Transcripts that are printed in a foreign language also need to be translated prior to being submitted for an adjunct teaching opportunity.  Applicants are responsible for all associated costs for evaluation and translation services.  Application materials will be reviewed for employment consideration after the ACC employment application, copy of foreign transcript, and transcript evaluation (translation, if necessary) have been received in HR Employment.

Applicants who have foreign transcripts may submit a copy of their transcript attached to the original transcript evaluation. Evaluated transcripts may be mailed to the Highland Business Center, Attn: E.M. Breedlove, 5930 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin, TX 78752.

Selected candidates for employment with foreign transcripts will be asked to present a notorized copy of the original transcript upon hire. Applicants may utilize ACC’s Notary Public officials employed in the Office of Human Resources located at the Highland Business Center on the 6th floor.

Foreign Transcript

Applicant Notification
Applicants receive notification regarding the status of their application immediately upon their first submission of their online application. Applicants will also receive notification when:

  • Applicants are invited for interviews (Department sends notification)
  • A Department returns application materials to HR Employment (HR sends notification to applicant)
  • A Department extends a job offer to applicant (Departments sends notification)
  • A Department reports that their adjunct candidate pool is closed (HR sends notification to applicant)

HR Employment sends notification (by electronic e-mail) to the applicant’s original e-mail address used at the time he/she applied for the adjunct candidate pool.
Department Responsibilities: Department’s are required to:

  • Contact HR Employment to request Adjunct job postings or to remove  job postings
  • Review and evaluate all applicants submitted up to the advertised closing date
  • Identify and interview candidates in a timely manner (within 2 weeks for the receipt of applications)
  • Return applications to HR Employment in a timely manner (within 1 month of receiving applications)

Departments will be required to accept the applicant materials in a period of two weeks after the close of an adjunct pool to allow time for applicant materials (transcripts) to arrive that were already in transition.
Determining Eligibility for Employment
Applicants who submit application materials for Adjunct position opportunities are applying to be a part of ACC’s adjunct candidate pool of instructors. Departments review and evaluate application and transcript materials to determine an applicant’s teaching eligibility with ACC.  Each application received is evaluated by the department. It is up to the discretion of the department to determine if candidates are qualified or not qualified to teach.  It is not guaranteed that all candidates who meet the meet the minimum requirements will be approved for the adjunct candidate pool.  Each decision is based upon an applicant’s qualifications, outcome of the interview and needs of the department. The method of qualifying candidates for placement in the adjunct candidate pool and hiring adjunct candidates to teach as Adjunct faculty are two distinct processes that are aligned with the SAC’s guidelines.

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