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 ACC created eligibility lists to manage pools of adjunct instructors. Eligibility lists are lists of qualified instructors who have previously interviewed with an ACC department to teach a specific course or to teach various courses in a specific discipline. Adjunct candidate pools that consist of eligibility lists are managed by each department in ACC’s e-Staffing computer system. At times adjunct candidates and adjunct faculty may qualify for the eligibility list for some courses in their discipline but not for others. The lists are reestablished each semester and in the case of Fall semester, may be used for Multiple Semester Term Assignments (MSTA) of up to one year in length. 

Newly-hired adjuncts cannot be placed on an eligibility list without having completed an interview and, except in the case of a scheduling emergency, within 30 days of the start of a semester. 

Information made available through the faculty evaluation process will be used by Department Chairs when making eligibility list placements.

Highest Priority To Hire

Within the eligible list there is the distinction of "highest priority to hire." This category is used to indicate that an instructor is expected to have special effectiveness in teaching a particular course (AR 4.06.003).  Previous status in the "highest priority to hire" category or selection as a multiple semester term appointment does not guarantee continued status for those areas or placement on any eligibility list.

Departments must use the "highest priority to hire" category for courses with more than 25 sections. For courses with less than 25 sections the category only needs to be used when needed to:

  • meet the scheduling of adjuncts with multiple semester term appointments. These adjuncts should be designated as "highest priority to hire" on at least one list.
  • meet the scheduling of adjuncts who were also selected as an instructional associate by the same task force. These adjuncts should be designated as "highest priority to hire" on at least one list.
  • assure that specific adjunct members will be selected to teach.

When the "highest priority to hire" is used, at least 25% of the list must be in this category, but no more than 50 % of the list may be in this category.

Only adjunct faculty in the "highest priority to hire" category who meet specified guidelines can be designated as a senior adjunct faculty member.

ISDs may submit requests for high school faculty to be considered for eligibility lists for Early College Start classes.

Related Administrative Rules:

4.06.001 Administration of Eligibility Lists
 4.06.002 Staffing of Adjunct Faculty
 4.06.003 Staffing of Adjunct Faculty

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