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Required forms for hiring

Who approves form

Form Description

Who completes form


New/Returning Adjunct Hiring Paperwork Checklist

Dean reviews it

Used by the Department and HR to audit hiring paperwork.  The 10 forms included on this checklist creates an Adjunct Hiring Packet.



New Adjunct Faculty Information Sheet


Form is used to obtain state required demographics and candidates/returning instructor’s emergency contact information.

New Adjuncts/ Returning Adjuncts


Application for Employment

Paper copies must be signed by new Adjuncts/ Returning Adjuncts

Used to capture a candidate’s/returning instructor’s employment history, description of credentials and contact information.

New Adjuncts/ Returning Adjuncts


Reference Checks

Signature of the person obtaining the reference

Documents verification of current and/past employment. Two (2) professional references are required. One (1) of the two (2) references may be a personal reference to verify personal character when a professional reference cannot be obtained.

Department Chairs or Deans only


Adjunct Faculty Applicant Evaluation

Department Chair and Dean

A Department Chair evaluation of the candidate’s credentials and work history.    HR sends notification to applicant based upon department’s evaluation.

Department Chair


W-4 form

New Adjuncts/ Returning Adjuncts  sign form

Indicates withholding of a candidate’s/returning adjunct’s federal income tax from their pay.

New Adjuncts/ Returning Adjuncts



Verified and appropriately signed by  ACC department staff

Form used by departments to verify the employment authorization of each employee hired. Must be obtained within 3 days of employment.

Departments, New Adjuncts, and  returning Adjuncts who have departed for more than 1 year.


Credential Certification form

Dean and VP’s  for Skill Instructors and  rare “hires by exception” 

Form used to certify new and returning adjunct instructors to teach. Determinations are made in accordance to SAC’s guidelines.

Department Chair/Dean 


Adjunct Faculty Conditions of Employment

New Adjuncts/ Returning Adjuncts sign form as approval

Provides “expectations” pertaining to their employment with ACC. Also contains House Bill 638: verifies college credit course (other than foreign language) are taught in English.

New Adjuncts/ Returning Adjuncts (if departed for more than a year)


Direct Deposit form

New Adjuncts/ Returning Adjuncts sign form as approval.

ACC mandates that each employee participate in Direct Deposit. Form provides necessary information to create payroll checks. 

New Adjuncts/ Returning Adjuncts

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