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 HR Employment receives applications and provides applications materials to the instructional Dean for those applicants in which a transcript has been received by the department.  Applications that do not indicate degree requirements of the position will be screened out of the applicant pool. HR Employment contacts the appropriate Dean to pick up Application Packets for review.

QUALIFYING:  Qualifying applicants for the adjunct candidate pool

The process of qualifying candidates for the adjunct candidate pool occurs when ACC departments interview applicants and determine that they are eligible to teach at ACC. These applicants then become candidates and are placed in the adjunct candidate pool (managed in the e-Staffing system). However, these candidates are not immediately assigned to teach a course. Once they are assigned a course to teach they are an employee of ACC.

It is very important for departments to actively screen and evaluate applications in a timely manner. While departments are required to review applicant materials within 3 weeks of their application submission date,  all applicants should receive notification regarding the status of their application within 6 weeks of their application submission date.   Departments must contact the HR Employment Office to request the removal of an Adjunct job posting when they are no longer seeking candidates for the Adjunct Pool.

Department Chairs are encouraged to recruit a sufficient number of candidates for the adjunct candidate pool to best ensure that their staffing needs are appropriately met as courses become available.  Department Chairs are responsible for notifying candidates about their teaching needs by utilizing the ACC’s e-Staffing computer system.

Departments should routinely contact members of the adjunct candidate pool to convey projected needs. It is very important that Departments and their hiring committees communicate their staffing needs appropriately. Departments are not to exaggerated or provide unrealistic scheduling expectations.  

Obtaining applications from HR Employment

  1. Department contacts HR Employment to request employment applications
  2. HR Employment prepares Adjunct Application Packet to include application materials and copies of applicant transcripts. Note: Original transcripts will remain in HR’s Master Transcript File.
  3. HR Employment notifies Dean to pick up Adjunct Application Packets. Application Packets for new applicants consists of employment applications, resumes/vitas, and transcript copies. Note: Application Packets will not have transcript copies for adjuncts currently employed with ACC in other discipline areas and returning adjuncts re-applying for the adjunct candidate pool. Deans are responsible for logging into the Fortis Transcripts System to retrieve applicant transcript.  Deans may contact HR Records for future Fortis training.
  4. Dean logs in application materials and forwards Application Packet to the Department Chair.
  5. Continuation: Obtaining applications from HR Employment

  6. Department Chair reviews and evaluates application and transcript materials to determine if applicants are qualified to teach.  Those applicants qualified to teach are forwarded to the Committee Chair.
  7. Department Chair completes Adjunct Faculty Applicant Evaluation (AFAE) forms for each applicant deemed not qualified and returns applicant materials to the Dean. 
  8. Dean signs AFAE forms for non-qualified applicants, logs out application materials, and returns form and application materials to HR Employment.
  9. HR employment sends notification letter to non-qualified applicants.

    Applicants that meet the minimum teaching requirements
    (process continues)
    Application Process Image

  10. Departments should interview applicants in a committee that consists of a minimum 2 faculty members that are assigned to teach in the same discipline.  The Department Chair contacts committee members to evaluate applicant materials and select interviewees and interview candidates.  
  11. The objective of the interviewing and screening/evaluation process for adjunct faculty hiring is to identify candidates who:

    • Have experience in curriculum development and innovative teaching methodologies (especially use of multiple technologies);
    • Demonstrate a high potential to be an outstanding teacher;
    • Have valuable experiences and expertise;
    • May have limited teaching experience but are creative and stimulating.

  12. Faculty committee members conduct interviewees; Committees may request teaching demonstrations at the time of their interview. Applicants must receive advance notice (written/verbal) regarding any requests for a teaching demonstration made by the committee.
  13. Committee conducts interviews and determines which applicants become adjunct candidates. Committee Chair makes copies of any credentials documentation necessary (licenses/certificates, awards, flyers, client/employer letters, etc.) to support the individual’s qualifications and completes Adjunct Applicant Evaluation Form and Credential Certification form.
  14. Department Chair enters names of newly eligible instructors to the adjunct candidate pool inside ACC’s e-Staffing system and writes any commentary necessary into e-Staffing to document the candidate’s qualifications. 
  15. Note: These new candidates are entered into e-Staffing as a part of the adjunct candidate pool of instructors but they are not yet entered into the central Datatel computer system as new employees assigned to classes.  They are not considered “Adjunct faculty” until they are officially “hired” and their hiring paperwork is received and processed in the Office of Human Resources.

  16. Departments send notification letters to interviewed applicants added to the adjunct candidate pool. Application materials are kept in the department until an adjunct candidate is assigned courses to teach.

HIRING: Hiring adjunct candidates and returning adjunct faculty (re-hires) 

When a department is ready to assign courses to an adjunct candidate they are to obtain the required paperwork for hiring an Adjunct Instructor. While courses can be assigned in the e-Staffing prior hiring activities, please note that instructors are not officially employed with the College until all required hiring forms are obtained by the department and submitted to the Office of Human Resources.  Hiring forms must be submitted according to HR Payroll’s, “Schedule for Payment for Adjunct Faculty” deadlines.

Steps for hiring new and returning instructors:       

  1. Department selects a new/returning adjunct candidate to be placed in the adjunct candidate pool.
  2. Department conducts reference checks utilizing the Faculty Employment Reference Check form. Two references are required regardless of whether the applicant is new or a returning instructor.  One of the two references must be a professional reference received from an individual responsible for supervising the candidate’s work. Reference checks are to be conducted by the Department Chair or the Dean.  Department Chairs may assign Faculty members to check the employment references of candidates in their contract absence.
  3. Department Chair offers Adjunct candidate/returning Adjunct courses to teach.
  4. Department Chair/department’s administrative staff provides Adjunct candidate with new hire paperwork upon accepting an offer to teach. The required hiring form combined creates an Adjunct Hiring Packet. Departments are to deliver Adjunct Hiring Packets to HR Employment located at the Highland Business Center. Incomplete hiring packets are not accepted in Human Resources. Departments are encouraged to use the New/Returning Adjunct Hiring Paperwork Checklist form to audit hiring packet.

    *It is very imperative that the department provides the appropriate hiring paperwork when hiring/rehiring an Adjunct candidate. The hiring paperwork is necessary for payroll purposes and is used to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations as well as college and accrediting requirements governed by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

  5. The Department ensures that each form is completed properly.  Departments must ensure that the adjunct candidate/ returning adjunct only completes section 1 on the Employment Eligibility Form (I-9).  Identification should be appropriately verified and documented by an ACC department staff member as instructed on the back of the I-9 form.  Departments may contact HR Records for future I-9 form training.
  6. The Dean must complete the Credential Certification form for potential new and returning adjunct instructors.  Deans can retrieve transcripts for returning adjunct in the Fortis Transcript Scan System.
  7.  Continuation: Steps for hiring new and returning instructors

  8. The Dean verifies any commentary that may be necessary to document the Adjunct candidates’ qualifications into ACC’s eStaffing system.  The completion of the hiring paperwork must also be confirmed by using the, “New/Returning Adjunct Hiring Paperwork Checklist” form.  The forms listed on the checklist create an Adjunct Hiring Packet. Additional documentation is required for Skill Instructors and “Hires by Exceptions.”  “Hires by Exception” are conducted on very rare occasions and must first be approved by both the Dean and the appropriate Vice President.
  9. The Dean then certifies adjunct candidates or re-certifies returning adjuncts in the Datatel system on the XDFI screen. The information documented on the Credential Certification form should match the Dean’s entry on the XDFI screen entered in the Datatel system.
  10. The Dean delivers Adjunct Hiring Packets to HR Employment. The Dean may choose to ask their departments to deliver the Adjunct Hiring Packets to HR Employment.  Hiring packets must be hand delivered to the HR Employment office at the Highland Business Center. Forms may not be faxed independently. Only complete Adjunct Hiring Packets are accepted in Human Resources.
  11. HR Employment audits hiring packets by utilizing the “Adjunct Hiring Paperwork Checklist” form that is included in the department’s Adjunct Hiring Packet.
  12. HR Employment retrieves the adjunct candidate’s/returning adjunct instructor’s official transcript from the HR Master Transcript File and forwards Adjunct Hiring Packet to HR Records; HR Employment  notifies the Department Chair that the Adjunct Hiring Packet has been sent to HR Records.
  13. HR Records enters Adjunct candidate’s name and credential information into Datatel system thereby creating the XDFI screen.  It takes HR Records approximately 2 business days to process information and enter it into the Datatel system. from the time HR Records receives the Adjunct Hiring Packet from HR Employment.
  14. The Department Chair assigns the adjunct candidate to a department in the FCTY screen in Datatel. Please note: Assigning a department in this Datatel screen must occur before assigning classes to a faculty member.  However, the Department Chair will only be able to do this once HR Records processes the hiring packet and enters the candidate into the Datatel system. 

    Many Adjunct candidates may already be in the Datatel system due to their past College relations i.e. students, vendors, past employees ect… In such cases, the Dean may proceed to certify each candidate   in the Datatel system (XDFI screen) at the same time they are submitting their Adjunct hiring packet to HR Employment.

    The hiring paperwork must be processed in a timely manner to meet payroll schedules.  Assigning classes to a new or returning instructor does not employ that person.   I-9 forms must be completed within 3 days of a new or returning Adjunct instructor’s employment start date as described and mandated in the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. 

  15. At this time, the Adjunct candidate is hired and becomes an ACC Adjunct faculty member.  This only occurs when both the adjunct candidate’s information is entered and certified in the Datatel system and their hiring paperwork is processed in the Office of Human Resources (HR Employment and HR Records).  Deans must re-certify all returning instructors by completing another/new Credential Certification form and updating the XDFI screen in the Datatel system.

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