Committee Chair Role and Responsibilities

Department Chairs are encouraged to serve as the Committee Chair of all Hiring Committees when their department is recruiting for new full-time instructors. If time does not permit this, the Department Chair may identify another faculty member to serve in this capacity. However, in such situations the Department Chair is still required to participate as a member of the Hiring Committee. The role of the Committee Chair is to lead and facilitate the hiring committee through the application review, interviewing, and selection process. Responsibilities include:

Committee Chairs are responsible for providing interviewees with:

Composition of a Hiring Committee

Interview Committees must consist of a minimum of four members who come from diverse backgrounds. Make-up of the committee must include:

Commitment to Diversity

ACC’s commitment to diversity is based upon the recognition that a diverse and talented community is a key competitive advantage. Our institution’s success is a reflection of the quality and skill of our people. We recognize that each employee brings his own unique capabilities, experiences and characteristics to his work. We value such diversity at all levels of the College and in all that we do.

ACC welcomes applications from all interested persons. We believe that employees from a variety of cultural backgrounds provide us with valuable knowledge that enables us to provide quality education to a diverse student body. Be aware, however, that committees should not expect members who are part of a minority group to initiate a discussion about diversity within the committee process. This is the responsibility of the committee as a whole.

Required Committee Activities

Committee members must conduct the following activities:

Utilizing Subcommittees

The Dean may appoint one large committee which can be divided into subcommittees (of at least four persons each) to interview for specific discipline specialties. Subcommittees are particularly helpful when recruiting candidates for multiple positions. All committees must be approved by the Dean prior to the start of interviews.

Example: A committee consisting of eight members is approved by the Dean. The Dean and Department Chair create a subcommittee from the group of eight members, with four of the eight members agreeing to screen and evaluate all applications. The remaining four members agree to interview candidates for developmental math, for math with an emphasis on algebra or for higher level math course concentrations/specialties; this subcommittee of four makes recommendations for employment.


Each committee member must maintain confidentiality and discuss applicant qualifications only in the committee process. Each committee member must also consider the ethical nature of their position and ensure unbiased consideration of the applicants. Committee members are not to interview relatives or provide recommendations for and/or interview candidates with whom they have a history that affects their ability to be objective.

Each candidate should be treated with respect and given full consideration. Committee members should refrain from making unnecessary comments, exhibiting negative verbal or nonverbal communication, sending signals via body language or comments, or otherwise indicating satisfaction or dissatisfaction with candidates’ responses to questions or with the teaching demonstration. Each candidate expects and deserves our gratitude and respect for their interest in teaching at Austin Community College.

Committee Communication

Prior to conducting interviews the Committee Chair must arrange a meeting with the committee to develop interview questions. All agreed upon questions must be asked of each interviewee; follow-up questions are allowed at the end of the interview process, time-permitting.

Committee members are cautioned to exercise great care in the comments made either preceding or following interviews as they could be misinterpreted by candidates.

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