Employment Recommendations

Reaching Consensus about Candidate Recommendations

At the conclusion of the interview process, the hiring committee should discuss the outcome of all interviews. Since the goal of the hiring committee is to seek qualified candidates who are best suited for the position, the needs of the department and the needs of the College, a thorough conversation should take place. The work experience, credentials, and teaching demonstration of each candidate, as well as the information provided in response to questions, should be considered in relation to the criteria created for each position.

The Committee Chair is responsible for ensuring that the committee engages in dialogue that allows members to feel comfortable, empowered and part of the decision making process. Committees are to identify 3 candidates they wish to recommend for employment. Committees must arrive at consensus when selecting candidates for employment recommendation. The names of candidates should be presented in alphabetical order to prevent a bias based on order of presentation.

If committees who are recruiting for multiple positions determine that there are not enough qualified applicants to recommend, the Committee Chair may prepare a memo to the Dean justifying why they cannot recommend additional candidates. If the Dean concurs, the Dean must then submit a memo of justification to the appropriate Vice President. The Vice President will consult with the President to determine whether the position should be re-advertised.

Review of Recommendations

The Committee Chair and Dean should review the committee’s selections and discuss both the viability of the applicant pool and the committee’s decision making process.

After the Committee Chair or a designated member of the hiring committee has completed at least two reference checks for each of the Committee’s recommended candidates, he/she may present recommendations to the Dean. The Dean also has the option of arranging a formal meeting in which the Vice President, Dean and Committee Chair discuss the recommendations made by the hiring committee if necessary.

Employment References

Man on PhoneThe Committee Chair or designated member of the hiring committee will check the references of all candidates recommended for employment, utilizing the Faculty Employment Reference Check form. At least two references must be checked for each candidate, regardless of whether the candidate is internal or external. One of the two references must be a professional reference from an individual responsible for supervising the candidate’s work. Reference checks are to be conducted by the Committee Chair or designated member of the hiring committee.

If the reference resources will not provide “performance” information, the Chair should request that the candidate provide a letter of recommendation (on official letterhead of the organization) from a professional who can attest to the candidate’s skills and/or abilities. Committee members may not serve as references for candidates interviewing for employment if the member is involved in the screening, interviewing and hiring process.

Completed reference check forms should be included in the Application Packet that the Dean or Committee Chair delivers to the Vice President as should signed Authorization for Criminal History Background Check forms. Once a candidate is approved by the appropriate Vice President, EOS will conduct a criminal background check. If a candidate has a felony conviction that would affect their faculty status, the candidate may be denied employment.

Criminal Background Check

FingerprintTo comply with state regulations and professional standards, Criminal Background Checks are required for candidates recommended for faculty employment. ACC conducts these through the institution’s third party approved vendor, LexisNexus and PreCheckInc. (Health Services).  The Employment and Outreach Services Manager requests criminal background check reports only for those candidates identified by the Vice Presidents and the President of the College during the final selection for employment, using the Authorization for Criminal History Background Check forms the candidates received by mail from the Committee Chair and submitted at the time of the interview. Offers of employment will be made to final candidates only after criminal background checks have been conducted with satisfactory results.


Before any offer of employment can be made, HR must have the Faculty Hiring Notebooks with the President’s signature approving the hiring of a candidate, two references for each candidate recommended, interview evaluations for each hiring committee, applications for each candidate interviewed for the position, Criminal Background Check Form for each candidate interviewed.

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