LettersAlternative Credentials: Credentials accepted for a faculty member who does not possess the degree or the minimum number of graduate hours normally required by SACS to teach certain courses or in a certain discipline, but who nonetheless is credentialed to teach because of remarkable and documented accomplishments. Alternative credentialing is a status rarely used.

Applicant Log: A list of the names of individuals whose application materials are included in the department’s application packets.

Credentials, faculty: The education, work, or other experience which may qualify a faculty member to teach specific courses or in specific disciplines.

Credential Certification Form: A form used to record the qualifying credentials of a prospective faculty member.

Datatel: An information management system adopted by ACC which maintains college-wide information in modules called Financial, Human Resources, and Student System.

Employment and Outreach Services: The HR section responsible for accepting, screening and monitoring the flow of employment applications in the hiring process.

Employment References – Employment References include information obtained from a candidate’s current/previous employer and verifies employment information, i.e., employment dates. Committee Chairs or designated members of the hiring committee are to use the Faculty Employment Reference Check form to gather information regarding those candidates whom the committee has recommended to the VP for employment consideration. Committee Chairs or designated members of the hiring committee may only request the assistance of the Dean, VP, and Employment Manager when obtaining references.

EOS – EOS is the Employment and Outreach Services section of Human Resources and is often referred to as the Employment office. This office is responsible for advertising jobs, assist­ing applicants in applying for positions, preparing Application Packets for hiring committees and conducting New Employee Orientations.

Faculty Committee Membership Form: A form used by the hiring committee to create a record of and seek approval for its membership.

Faculty Employment Interview Evaluation Form: A form each hiring committee member uses as a tool to evaluate interviewees at the end of an interview.

Faculty Employment Reference Check Form: A form used to verify the references of each candidate recommended for employment.

Interview Rating - Weighted Approach - This is an assessment tool designed to aid decision making when multiple factors are involved. The goal is to provide an objective assessment to assist the decision making process. Committee members collectively create hiring criteria and weight those criteria based on their importance to the decision.

Master Transcript File –A master file of transcripts which the HR Office of Employ­ment and Outreach Services maintains for all applicants applying for employment. Copies of transcripts are provided for the Dean for committee review and official transcripts are forwarded to the HR Records office for those applicants awarded positions.

Official transcript: A transcript sent directly from the issuing institution to ACC’s Human Resources Office. “Issued to Student” transcripts are not acceptable.

Qualified applicant: A prospective faculty member who is properly credentialed (see credentials, faculty) for teaching in the discipline for which he/she has applied and who has submitted to ACC all documents supporting the credentials.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS): SACS is a regional accreditation agency for an 11-state region. ACC is authorized to award associate degrees through its Commission on Colleges.

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