Office of Human Resources – Your Starting Point for Hiring

This training will prepare you to hire fulltime faculty members and will help assure compliance with ACC goals and objectives and with applicable state and federal laws and regulations. The Office of Human Resources is available to assist you in the employment process. We are committed to providing you with the tools and services that you need to be effective in this endeavor.

Students in Class We want to ensure a quality process for the hiring of well qualified Faculty who will be committed to our students. To that end, the selection and employment process must be consistent for each applicant. It must provide applicants with the opportunity to demonstrate why they are the best applicant for each available teaching position.

If you have questions about the process after you’ve completed this training module, please contact us.

Gerry Tucker
Vice President
Office of Human Resources
(512) 223-7572





Erica Breedlove,
Employment and Outreach Services Manager
(HR Employment)

Hiring Processes,
e-Hire Training, Committee Membership Training, Job Postings, Criminal Background Checks

(512) 223-7015

Jennifer Uptmore,
HR Specialist I
(HR Employment)

Faculty and Adjunct Applications

(512) 223-7229

Dana Tucker,
Compensation Manager
(HR Compensation)

Position Reclassifications, Job Descriptions, Salary Placements, Job Offers

(512) 223-7608

Bobetta Burns, Records Manager
(HR Records)

Faculty Contracts, Pay Issues, Personnel Files, Reports.

(512) 223-7571


Rosalinda Rodriguez,
Human Resources Assistant II
(HR Records)

e-Hire training, Separations, Faculty and Staff Requisitions

(512) 223-7531

Steve Hassel, Benefits Manager
(HR Benefits)

Full-time Faculty and Staff Benefits (512) 223-7617

Click HERE to download and print a PDF of the module.

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