Overview of Steps in the Faculty Hiring Process

Hiring Process Flowchart
  1. HR Records releases requisitions in e-Hire

  2. Department Chair completes online requisition in e-Hire

  3. Dean approves requisition.

  4. HR Compensation contacts Committee if there are questions about the job description.

  5. HR Employment creates and advertises job posting.

  6. Department Chair creates and submits online hiring committee in e-Hire. 

  7. People apply and applications are received in e-hire.

  8. HR Employment releases online applications in e-Hire to Dean and Committee Chair weekly.  (Refer to Faculty Hiring Timetable.)

  9. HR Employment provides each Committee Chair with a Faculty Hiring Notebook.

  10. HR Employment sends Committee Chair copies of transcripts for current employees applying for positions.

  11. Dean and Committee Chair retrieve remaining applicant transcripts in Fortis.

  12. Committee Chair convenes committee to conduct the following activities:

    • Screen applications and evaluate credentials.
    • Outline and document teaching demonstration.
    • Create selection criteria and interview questions.
    • Select candidates to interview.
    •  Invite candidates to interview and provide written instructions for teaching demonstration. (Committee Chair enters scheduled interviews in e-Hire.)
    • Discuss interview results.
    • Identify three final candidates and list them in alphabetical order.

  13. Committee Chair, Department Chair and/or Dean check references of top final candidates and reports results to the committee.

  14. Committee makes their final recommendations.

  15. Committee Chair submits 3 final recommendations in e-Hire

  16. Committee Chair writes justification letter indicating top candidate and places letter in the Faculty Hiring Notebook.

  17. Committee Chair forwards Faculty Hiring Notebook to the Dean. 

  18. Committee Chair discusses top candidate with Dean.

  19. Dean approves or declines recommendations in e-Hire.

  20. Dean meets with VP and Committee Chair (upon preference) to discuss candidate recommendations.

  21. VP reviews recommended candidates.

  22. VP makes candidate selection from the list of recommended candidates and signs, “Candidate Approval” form.

  23. VP forwards Faculty Hiring Notebooks with recommended candidates to the President.

  24. President evaluates recommendation and confirms selection by signing the “Candidate Approval” Form.

  25. VP approves recommendation in e-Hire and forwards Faculty Hiring Notebooks to HR Employment.

  26. HR Employment receives Faculty Hiring Notebook and ensures the President’s approval is in e-Hire.  Candidate Approval Form must first be signed by the President.

  27. HR Employment conducts pre-employment criminal background checks and clears candidates for job offers.

  28. HR Compensation conducts salary placement process and extends offer of employment.
  29. HR Compensation contacts Committee Chair and Dean and schedules employee for New Faculty Orientation.

*HR notifies, the Committee Chair, the Dean, and Vice President whenever a position is declined, approved by the President, or negative results from a criminal background check prevents the offering of a job.

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