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Employees are encouraged to arrange direct deposit for their paychecks. Please read these instructions carefully. Completed forms should be sent to HR Payroll at HBC or faxed to (512) 223-7605.

  1. New Request to Implement Direct Deposit.
    When setting up a new direct deposit, you must attach a voided check with the Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit form. For Savings accounts, payroll will use the account number you enter on the Authorization form. It generally takes 30-45 days to implement direct deposit, depending upon the date of submission and the next pay period.
  2. Change of Banks.
    When requesting a bank or bank account number change, you must attach a voided check for the new account. HR Payroll will immediately cancel the old direct deposit.
  3. Because it generally takes 30-45 days for the new bank to authorize and accept a new direct deposit, your paycheck will continue to be sent to your regular pay station.
  4. The new bank does not advise HR Payroll when your direct deposit will start. An employee should check his or her payroll advice/pay stub to determine when direct deposit has started.
  5. Once direct deposit is authorized, it will remain in effect until cancelled. Thus if you are not working for a semester, when you begin working at ACC again your check will be sent to the formerly authorized bank. If you terminate employment, please be sure to complete a new form to cancel your direct deposit.

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The Annual Payroll Schedules for Actual Pay dates can be found at:

For assistance contact:
Beatriz Dancik, Payroll Assistant, Ext. 3-7523,