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In an effort to go Green, HR/Payroll and IT are happy to inform employees that we will no longer print Direct Deposit Paycheck Advices as of September 1, 2009. You will have access to your paycheck through the Employee Online Account. At your own leisure and convenience you can view and print all pay information online (advices/checks stubs).

Click here to go to Online Services. The Pay Advices online have all the information needed for any business transaction requiring an ACC payment status. The actual paycheck (live paycheck) will be processed and distributed to employees on payday (as they have always been distributed).

If you do not have direct deposit, you will receive your paycheck at the usual paycheck location. We hope you will consider direct deposit and assist the college in its efforts to go Green. You can sign up for direct deposit at:

If you have any questions, please contact Christine Okanla at (512) 223-7474,




Gross Pay:  This is the amount of income before taxes and deductions are withheld.


Pay Station:  The pay station is where you will pick up your actual check if you are not on direct deposit.


Employee No:  This is the employee identification number given to all ACC employees.


Year-To-Date (YTD):  This is the accumulation of your pay from January to December.


Hours:  Number of hours worked during the pay period.


Total Gross Pay Year-To-Date (YTD):  Gross pay total of your paychecks January to present.


Accrued Vacation: Accrued Vacation is the vacation leave balance earned.


Taxes:  Federal Withholding and Medicare are taxes deductions required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


Accrued Sick: Accrued sick is the sick leave balance earned.


Issue Date:  This is the pay date.


Deductions: Deductions are either voluntary deductions, the employee has elected to be taken from their pay, such as health, life and dental insurance, or involuntary deductions that are ordered by a court of law to be deducted, such as Child Support, Garnishments, or State involuntary deductions.


Direct Deposit:  This lists the financial institution(s) where your pay is deposited.


Net Pay: Net pay is the dollar amount left after all deductions and tax withholdings are taken. This is the amount sent as a direct deposit to the employee's bank account or the amount of the payroll check issued to the employee.


Exemptions:  This is the number of exemptions claimed from line 5 on the Form W-4.


Amount:  Amount(s) deposited to the financial institution.


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