EA Program

Tuition Reimbursement Request Forms

Based on feedback from employees, we are changing the way we award the tuition reimbursement funds and going to a lottery system. Names will be entered in a lottery to be drawn and announced for funding. The lottery will be live streamed and recorded.
Funding calculations will be done at the time of the lottery.

SUMMER FY 15 Reimbursement Requests will be accepted the week of June 1-5, 2015. The Lottery will take place the following week, the date will be announced.


This submission period an electronic form through Google will be made available for requests at 9:00 am beginning Monday, June 1st. After the form is submitted, please forward supporting documentation to Human Resources, Attention: Nicole Bell, either by email, inter campus mail or in person by Friday, June 5, 2015, 5:00 pm. Please do not fax your supporting documents. Incomplete requests will not be considered.

Funding requests without supporting documentation WILL NOT be submitted for the drawing.

Prior to 9:00 am 06/01/15 you will not be able to access the form.

You must be logged in to your ACC Gmail account for the form to work.

If you are unable to access the form below you can use this link by copying and pasting it in your web browser.