Human Resources - Professional Development and Evaluation Programs

Looking for a How-To on setting up your email or using Datatel UI? Use the links below to download the documentation.

*Note: Some of the links are to .zip files. A ZIP file contains one or more files that have been compressed or stored. The files must be extracted or "unzipped" and stored on your hard drive. Find out more about ZIP files at Microsoft.

Datatel   General PC and Web Skills
Datatel UI
Datatel XOFF
PrintKey 2000
  Exploring Email
Outlook Express: Basic
PC Basics
Virus Awareness
So You Want A Webpage
Office Productivity   Presentation Skills

Interactive Guides for Office 2007
Excel Basics
Excel: Formulas & Functions
Word Basics
Word: Tabs, Tables & Columns
Word: Track Changes
Adobe Acrobat 8.0: Forms

  PowerPoint I
PowerPoint II
Photoshop Elements
Web Development Skills   Other Documentation
Dreamweaver Basics
Dreamweaver Intermediate
HTML Basics
Intro to Cascading Style Sheets
So You Want A Webpage

Lighten Up: Gaining Energy in 2005
Telephone Procedures
TWIG (Webmail)
Turning Resolutions into Reality! Not Just for the Health of It!

How-To from California State University, Northridge   Hardware How-To Documentation
Access 2003 - Beginner's Guide
Access 2003 - Intermediate Guide
Basic Macros in Excel
  How to Connect a Laptop to a Projector