Suggestions For Advising Students

For the first session with the Faculty Advisor:

  1. Determine student’s specific major.
  2. Determine student’s academic standing. If student is not in good standing or early alert status, refer to counselor; if student is not TSI complete, refer to counselor or advisor.
  3. If student is uncertain of his or her major, discuss career options in your field and/or refer them to Student Services for Career Counseling (various tests, computerized or paper and pencil are available to test students aptitude, interests and values; counselor will review results with student and help them research options)
  4. Determine if student wants to complete a certificate or an associate degree at ACC or plans to transfer.
  5. If student plans to complete ACC certificate/degree, retrieve students academic record on Student Advising Information (see  Web Advising to access student records) and document what classes student has remaining to complete the degree (Degree Audit)
  6. If student plans to transfer to a four-year institution, determine to which institution the student plans to transfer. Assist the student in accessing transfer guides for specific major via the Articulation and Transfer Resources Web site for Faculty and Staff:
  7. Document recommended courses using the Advising Form and give a copy to the student.
  8. In advising students who have transfer credit, be aware that although courses may not transfer as exact equivalents to ACC courses, they may sometimes be substituted; for example,  a four semester hour College Algebra won’t transfer as an exact equivalent to ACC’s MATH 1314; however it will likely satisfy the math requirement.  On the other hand, courses that have fewer hours will not satisfy requirements. For example St. Edwards University’s three hour Spanish I and II, will not satisfy ACC’s Spanish I & II which are five hour courses, nor will they serve as pre-requisites to the higher level foreign language courses.
  9. Submit waivers or substitution forms from Department Chair/Dean, if needed.
  10. Refer students when appropriate to other services. Complete campus "Student Referral Forms" (Referral Form A, Referral Form B) as needed.

For session with 75% completion of degree:

  1. Follow the same suggestions as for the student’s first session with Faculty Advisor that are appropriate.
  2. Determine when the student plans to graduate or transfer.
  3. Complete online or manual degree audit to determine what courses the student needs to complete his or her degree and/or if additional courses or requirements are needed before the student transfers.
  4. Document recommended courses and give a copy to the student. Use degree worksheet until website is available.
  5. Refer students when appropriate to other services. Complete campus "Student Referral Forms" (Referral Form A, Referral Form B) as needed.
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