Using the Online Services WebAdvisor System

Steps for Logging into the Student Advising Information page (to view students academic record online):

  1. From the ACC home page, click on Faculty and Staff Login in lower portion of right frame under Online Services.

    ACC main webpage

  2. This takes you to the log in screen for ACC Online Services. Click Log In to begin. If you have not logged in before using your ACCeID you may want to Click for ACCeID activation or password change, which is located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

    Click on a menu item, such as Grading or Check Roster, and you will be taken to the log in screen.


    Please login using your ACCeID and password.

    Faculty Login

    Use the ACCeID Help if you are having difficulty logging in.

    Warning: Only one session of a Datatel screen can be accessed at a time. If you attempt to access the same screen using both wIntegrate and the Web-based system, you will be locked out. If this happens, close one of your sessions and try again.

    Note: If you get a Page Expired error while using ACC Online Services, simply hit Refresh or Reload in your browser to get back to the screen you were in.

  3. Once you are logged on you will see the menu screen. Select Student Advising from the menu window.

Note: Not all faculty do advising, therefore not all faculty would have the ‘Student Advising’ menu item available.

Login Screen

Student Advising

Type in a Student ID or Social Security Number and click Submit.


The search will provide you the following information:

Student Advising Information

You can select from Degree Worksheets or Student Degree Audits. 

The Student Degree Audits page allows you to see an evaluation of the students progress in satisfying the requirements of an academic program.

Program Evaluation

For more information on Advising, see the Faculty Training For Advising tutorial.

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