Faculty Advising Quiz

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1) Which of the following students would a faculty member NOT advise?
a) A student who has declared a major in the faculty member’s academic discipline or career program, is Texas Success Initiate (TSI) complete, and is in good academic standing.

b) A student who is not Texas Success Initiative (TSI) complete but has been referred by an advisor.

c) A student who is Texas Success Initiative (TSI) complete and a General Studies major.
2) Which of the following is ultimately responsible for ensuring that a student’s academic choices are consistent with his or her academic, career, and life goals?
a) the student

b) Austin Community College

c) a counselor or academic advisor

d) the faculty member
3) If a student who is on academic warning, probation, or suspension seeks academic advising from a faculty member, the faculty member should
a) advise the student.

b) refer the student to Admissions and Records.

c) refer the student to a counselor.

d) refer the student to a Dean or Assistant Dean.
4) To access the Online Services WebAdvisor System, a faculty member should
a) click on Faculty and Staff Login on ACC’s Web home page.

b) click on Student Advising on the main menu of Employee Online Services Web page.

c) click on Degree Audit on the Faculty Online Services Web page.

d) click on Transfer Counseling Checklist on the Faculty Online Services Web page.
5) Which of the following is available on the Faculty Advising Resources Web site?
a) Degree Plan Worksheets

b) College catalogs

c) Transfer information

d) All of the above are available.
6) Which of the following allows a faculty member to check a student’s academic standing and Texas Success Initiative (TSI) status?
a) clicking on the Faculty Online Services “Student Advising” link

b) clicking on the Faculty Online Services “Degree Audit” link

c) clicking on the Faculty Online Services “Grading” link

d) clicking on the Faculty Online Services “Class Roster” link
7) On the Student Information Page, the Courses section contains
a) the courses completed at ACC only.

b) the courses completed at other colleges only.

c) the courses completed at ACC and at other colleges.
8) Faculty members may access information about transferring to a specific university and the courses that are recommended by
a) going to http://www.austincc.edu/transfer.

b) going to http://www.austincc.edu/transfer/resources.php.

c) going to http://www.austincc.edu/articulation/usuniversities/index.php and clicking on the desired institution for course-by-course equivalencies or for 2+2 plans.

d) going to any of the above, but C provides the most direct links.
9) If a student has a “hold” on his or her records, the student should be referred to
a) a counselor or advisor.

b) the Dean or an Assistant Dean.

c) the office that initiated the hold.

d) the library.
10) To document an advising session, the faculty member should
a) complete the paper version of the Advising Form (until online documentation is available).

b) give a copy of the completed Advising Form to the student, keep a copy for the faculty member’s files, and send a copy to the department chair’s office.

c) print out a copy of the degree checklist with course recommendations.

d) do all of the above.

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