What is iCal?

iCal is a web-based calendar software program. You can access iCal from any web browser such as Internet Explorer. iCal allows you to view your calendar as well as other calendars in your group. You can add events to your calendar and have email reminders for those events.

To access iCal type the URL for your calendar in the browser address window and hit ENTER. http://ical.austincc.edu/4-letter department code/username

For example, the training calendar you will use for this tutorial is:

iCal Layout

To view a video demonstration of the iCal layout click HERE. When the video finishes playing close the window and continue with the tutorial.

iCal Layout

The default view of your calendar is Block Month format (traditional grid format). You can view by month list format as well as yearly, weekly and single day format.

iCal is a simple layout that makes it easy for you to get around. There are three toolbars to help you navigate the calendar. The toolbars can be positioned at the top or bottom of the calendar as defined in your preferences. The navigation toolbars are:

Navigation Toolbars
Navigation Toolbars

navigation toolbars
Navigation Toolbars

These navigation tool bars provide:

  1. movement to other months
  2. movement to other calendars
  3. alternate views of the calendar data
  4. access to event edit forms
  5. access to administration screens.

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