Display Options

Display Options allows you to customize the default appearance of your calendar.

Display Options
Display Options Page

Display Width

Display Width
Display Width Options

The Display Width specifies how your calendar will display in your browser. You can set the Display Width so that your calendar fills your entire browser window, default widths or to a specific width.

Time Display Format

Time Display Format
Time Display Format

Set your calendar time in either 12 hour or 24 hour clock with Time Display Format.

First Day of Week

First Day of Week Option
First Day of Week Option

You can set your first day of the week to start on Sunday or Monday.

Display Week Number

Display Week Number Option          
Display Week Number Option

You may set your calendar to display the week number at the beginning of each week. The week number is based on when you set the first week of the year.

Edit Recurring Event

Edit Recurring Event
Edit Recurring Event Option

When you edit a recurring event you can have the default set so that it changes only the instance you are editing or every instance for that event. Set your preference in the Edit Recurring Event Section.

Display Weekends

Display Weekends Option
Display Weekends Options

You can set your calendar to show or hide the weekend days.

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Default Display Style

Default Display Style
Default Display Style Options

The Default Display Style controls three default display styles of your calendar; style, time period and postioning.

Event Popup Window

Event Popup Window
Event Popup Window Options

Set your popup window for event text to small, medium or large.

List Display Width

List Display Width Option          
List Width Display Option

List Display Width specifies how text is displayed when your calendar is in List view. The event text as it would appear with each opption.

List Width Display Options List Width options displayed in calendar

Display Bars

Display Bar Options
Display Bar Options

The three display bars, Nav Bar, Style Bar and Edit Bar, can be set to display at the top, bottom or top and bottom of the calendar.


If you uncheck both Edit Bar check boxes the Edit Bar will not display when you return to your calendar. You will NOT be able to return to the Calendar Administration page.

Edit Form

Edit Form Option
Edit Form Options

When your calendar is included, or set to show in other calendars, you can control whether each event you add will display in those other calendars or show another message. You set the default for that option in the Edit Form section.

Add to Multiple Calendars

When a new event is entered, it is possible to have that event added to multiple calendars. Your ability to add to multiple calendars is controlled by your security rights to those calendars. You can only add events to other calendars in your group that have security rights set to allow anyone to add events.

Yield Sign

Let's Try it Out!

Click on the link below. It will open a calendar in a new window.


Enter the Calendar Administration page for this calendar. Use the following username and password:

username: user3
password: user3

Enter the Display Options page. Make the following changes:

  • Hide the weekend days
  • Move the Style Bar to the top
  • Move the Nav Bar to the bottom

Save your settings and return to the calendar to view your changes. Return to the Calendar Administration page and change the settings back to their original state. Save and return to the calendar. Close the calendar and continue with the lesson.

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