Faculty Development

All new ACC faculty, both full-time and adjunct, must be assigned a mentor during their first semester at ACC. Any other faculty member may be assigned a mentor at the discretion of the Department Chairs or upon the request of the faculty member. (Administrative Rule# 4.01.015)
*ATTENTION* Please contact Faculty Development Office here for all questions related to Mentoring.

Suggested Timelines for Submitting Forms

  • Adhering to these timelines ensures the timely processing of stipends.
  • Assignments for Mentoring are to be made by Department Chairs at the beginning of each semester.
  • Beginning Fall 2010- All forms and payment processing will be handled at the department chair level.
  • For more information on Faculty Mentoring, please contact your department. Departments coordinate mentoring assignments, forms and payments.



Due Date

Responsible Party


Assignment Forms

September 16

Submitted by Mentors with signatures


 January 6

Mentors and Mentees


Assignment Forms

February 3

Submitted by Mentors with signatures


May 7

Mentors and Mentees


Assignment Forms

June 15

Submitted by Mentors with signatures


August 6

Mentors and Mentees

Mentoring Forms


Definition and Philosophy

In keeping with the classic definition of a mentor (a wise and trusted counselor or teacher), ACC mentors are outstanding faculty members who are selected on the basis of their ability to serve as a resource and positive role model for new faculty. These individuals acquaint new faculty with ACC as an institution and with valuable information concerning the discipline in which they are teaching. In addition, they pass on to new faculty the teaching wisdom they have acquired over the years. Mentors do not serve as evaluators or judges of new faculty. Instead, they offer an insider's guidance and insights.

Further, mentors should not be expected to do the job that a supervisor should. For example, if the new faculty member receives extremely low evaluations or is unqualified to teach a college class, his or her supervisor should resolve those issues, not the mentor. For this reason, supervisors should not serve as mentors to those they supervise. A mentor must function as an individual who does not judge, does not evaluate, and does not make employment decisions for that new faculty member.

Although mentors are paid a stipend of $200 based upon ten hours of mentoring, that stipend only partially indicates the importance and value of the mentoring experience. For the most part, mentors serve for the good of their discipline, for the good of their colleagues, and for the good of ACC students. The stipend is a concrete way to show gratitude for this service.


Mentor Criteria

  • Mentors must have been employed at ACC as full-time or adjunct faculty for at least three years with effective ratings
  • Mentors must complete Mentor Orientation every three years
  • Mentors must spend approximately 10 hours per semester as mentor to new faculty
  • Mentors must serve as a resource and positive role model
  • Mentors may not be supervisors (without specific permission from Dean)



Mentor Incentives

The mentor will receive a $200 stipend for each mentee once the completed Mentor Checklist and Mentee Checklist are received by their respective Department Chairs. Mentors should be assigned no more than three mentees per semester without the Dean's approval.

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Mentor Appointments

Before the semester starts, Department Chairs will identify new faculty and match them with mentors from the current Mentor List. Faculty who have completed the one-hour Mentoring Orientation within the last three years are on the list.

Both the Mentor and Mentee must complete the Mentor Assignment Form with signatures. Department Chairs must ensure that the Mentor Assignment Form is completed and returned to your respective Department Chair.

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Mentors must initiate contact with mentees to plan the mentoring activities, based on the contents of the Mentor and Mentee Checklists. The activities should involve a minimum ten hours of mentor/mentee contact. At the end of the semester, the mentor and mentee each must submit a Mentor or Mentee Checklist. Optional Mentor Program Evaluation forms are also available for additional comments.

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Mentor Orientation in Mentor Impact

Any faculty member selected to be a mentor must complete a Mentoring Orientation if he or she has not already done so in the last three years.

Orientations are offered online via Mentor Impact. Mentors may self-enroll in Mentor Impact by going to http://www.bcpimpact.com/u/acc and clicking "register now." Follow the enrollment steps, and a password will be generated for you and sent to your email address. Complete the course called "Mentor Impact" (you may view the other courses but these are not required for Mentor Orientation). Complete the quiz at the end of Mentor Impact.

When you pass the quiz with a 70 percent or higher, contact facdev@austincc.edu. Faculty Development will place your name on the Current Mentor List.

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PA Payment Process

1. The Mentor Assignment form is filled out by the mentor and mentee and sent to the department chair.  The chair does not need to sign this; however, for record-keeping, it might be wise to date stamp the forms when they are received.  Our office found this helpful for tracking any errors or confusion.

2. Orientations are offered online via Mentor Impact. Mentors may self-enroll in Mentor Impact by going to www.bcpimpact.com/u/acc and clicking "register now." Mentors should follow the enrollment steps, and a password will be generated for  them  and sent to their email address. They should complete the course called "Mentor Impact" (you may view the other courses but these are not required for Mentor Orientation)and  the quiz at the end of Mentor Impact. Upon completion, their names will be added to the Mentor list located at http://sites.austincc.edu/facdev/mentor-list/.

3. Upon completion of the Mentoring process, the mentor and mentee should fill out either the checklists located at http://sites.austincc.edu/facdev/training/orientation/ OR a checklist generated by the department. The completed checklists should go to the dept chair.

4. At this time, the chairs should generate the PAs necessary to pay the $200 stipend.  A suggested timeline for checklist completion and submission is located at http://sites.austincc.edu/facdev/training/orientation/.  This is a suggested timeline only; chairs may pay the stipend whenever they deem appropriate.

5. Please contact Larry Russell to establish the stipend fund code in your account.